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Tactics of those who control what YOUR CHILD is LEARNING- Complete Deception and Deceit!

Date posted: June 30, 2013

Let me preface this with- it is not teachers doing the deception it is those who control teachers via fear and intimidation of losing jobs. 

From Janice VanCleave over at TXSCSOPEReview.com  

ESCs Tricked Senator Patrick

Everything about the CSCOPE Lessons has been hidden and guarded from the public -tax payers who are funding the ESC (Education Service Centers) (NGO). Non-government organization that gain access to the public’s tax dollars. 

Now the public has been led to believe that the CSCOPE lesson are gone–deleted–   NOT SO! 

It appears that there has been another slight of hand and the CSCOPE lessons are being deleted from one file and being added to another–on the same website. Was Senator Patrick deceived? 

Yes, the CSCOPE lessons will be deleted from the part of the CSCOPE user website managed by the Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs). In the diagram, this is the “CSCOPE Curriculum” tab. But school districts have until Aug. 31, 2013 to transfer the CSCOPE Lessons to the District Content tab.

Let me explain. School Districts pay a fee each year to the ESCs to have access to the CSCOPE Curriculum materials posted on what is called the CSCOPE User Website. The CSCOPE Curriculum material is the same for every registered (pays a fee) school district. But, each school has a code so that they have their own user website that has a section called the District Content. This material  can be accessed by educators and staff, but not by other school districts. School districts store their own schedules, information about lessons, etc..in the District Content section of their CSCOPE User Website. The My Stuff is where teachers store their own personal lessons and notes, etc…. This material belongs to the school district. But, since this material may be a revised version of the copyrighted CSCOPE Instruction Material, school districts only have access to this material as long as they continue to pay the yearly fee. A school district gives up its rights to this material if it chooses not to pay the yearly fee.

My hypothesis is that the ESC CSCOPE Consortium agreed to delete the CSCOPE lessons from their CSCOPE Curriculum files. But, they didn’t agree to delete what school districts have in their District Content files. I am not sure the ESCs have the right to do this. Thus, while the CSCOPE lessons will be deleted from the part of the CSCOPE User Website owned by the ESCs, any CSCOPE lessons saved in District Content files will continue to be available and used by school districts. 

I base my hypothesis on this evidence:

CSCOPE Download Instructions

1. On April 16, 2013, the CSCOPE User Website provided specific directions for saving the entire 2012-2013 CSCOPE content to their “My Stuff” aka My Favorites.

Has this been done in the past? No evidence for this.

2. On May 17, 2013, the ESC governing group presented a“Let’s Make a Deal” letter to Senator Patrick. The accepted deal requires the ESCs to delete all the CSCOPE lesson from the CSCOPE User Website (CSCOPE Content Section) as well as other files belonging to the ESCs by Aug. 31, 2013. 

After Senator Patrick’s announcement that the ERA of the CSCOPE Lessons is over, some schools got serious about saving the CSCOPE lessons to their District Content Section of the CSCOPE User Website.

Teachers have reported school administrators requesting that they save the CSCOPE lessons so they can be used during the 2013-2014 school year. One administrator informed the teaching staff that the CSCOPE lessons would be saved for them. Doesn’t sound like the ERA of the CSCOPE lessons is over after all.

 This is the announcement notifying teachers to save the CSCOPE Lessons. There were specific step-by-step instructions posted on the CSCOPE website. 

Is your school district whining about the CSCOPE lessons being taken away when they have secretly stored them for use in the fall?

Some school administrators are so distraught over the loss of the CSCOPE lessons that they have filed hardship reports with TEA asking to be exempt from state testing next year, 2012-2103.

Why is it some districts are saving the lessons and other are crying over the loss of the CSCOPE lessons? Even school districts claiming never to have used the lessons are finding the removal of the CSCOPE lessons devastating. What ever did these administrators do prior to CSCOPE?

Even with CSCOPE lessons some administrators are finding ways to cheat on the STAAR tests, but that is another story. Even so,  adds to the need for parents to focus on the administration who is in charge of the quality of education in our schools.

Without the CSCOPE lessons the ESC CSCOPE Consortium is collecting fees for their  CSCOPE Managing System  Guidelines. In Marlin, 25 of the 30 high school teachers fled the district. They had had enough of the CSCOPE micromanaging system.

Since part of the deal that Senator Patrick made with the ESC CSCOPE Consortium was to support delaying any outside review if the 20 ESCs. The bill passed and Governor Perry signed it. The Texas Education System got the short end of the stick! CSCOPE lessons will be in the schools next year and the ESCs are still governing themselves. TEA is still pouring millions of dollars of grant money into the CSCOPE coffers. Are your schools benefiting from this?  


Follow the money! 

Listen to this audio and then keep reading….


The Ratliffs are the Education Clan of Texas.

Let me introduce you to Daddy Ratliff – Ex-Texas Senator Bill Ratliff

Raise Your Hand AdBill along with Ex-Texas Commissioner of Education Mike Moses founded the “Raise Your Hand” non-profit back in 2007 which raised eyebrows because they had a history in Education that many will not forget. Below are excerpts from Donna Garner’s 2007 article Raise Your Hand for a Hand Out”


Ratliff and Moses are continuing to swill from the education trough by forming a new organization called Raise Your Hand to pressure the people for more tax dollars for Texas’ public schools.  Have these two gentlemen any credibility on the subject?   

William Murchison said it best in the 2.16.07 Lone Star Report, “…keep a country mile away from Raise Your Hand, and from Bill Ratliff, and from Mike Moses, whose solution for dealing with a sinking boat is to pour some more water in the gunwales.”

Before we citizens put our trust in Raise Your Hand, let’s do a quick study of its leaders, Ratliff and Moses. 


Not only did Ratliff author the failed and oft-maligned Robin Hood Plan, but he also drafted SB 1 in 1995 which stripped local teachers of control over what they taught.  


As the author of SB 1, Ratliff is also responsible for taking the authority away from elected local school boards and placing that power into the hands of unelected superintendents. 

No longer do locally elected school board members have any real control over the all-important issues of personnel hiring and district curriculum decisions.

Local school board members’ duties have basically been reduced to (1) hiring and firing the superintendent, (2) buying and selling property, and (3) setting board policy (e.g., those items which involve board members themselves – elections, vacancies on the board, travel and reimbursement policies, etc.).  


At the state level, Ratliff tried for years to replace the elected State Board of Education (SBOE) with an appointed one.  Appointed boards really do not care what voters want. They will do the will of whoever appoints them and of the lobbyists who orchestrate from a distance.    

 Ratliff’s SB 1 reduced the authority of the elected SBOE and enhanced the power of the unelected Texas Commissioner of Education who at the time was Ratliff’s joined-at-the-hip ally, Mike Moses. 

 Ratliff always pretended that the SBOE had lost control over textbook content; and until Attorney General Greg Abbott’s 2006 opinion, the SBOE was shut out of fulfilling its lawful responsibilities.  For eleven years the Board labored under Ratliff’s false interpretation; and during that time, numerous inferior textbooks were placed in front of our Texas students.   

Because of Ratliff’s influence on SB 1, elected SBOE members cannot even elect their own chairperson; the Governor appoints one.  


Ratliff is a registered lobbyist (http://www.ethics.state.tx.us/dfs/loblists.htm) and has made large sums of money from a number of clients including the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB).  Having retired from the Texas Senate in 2003, he began representing TASB on May 10, 2004.  That year he received up to $99,999.99 from TASB, and again in 2005, and 2006.  

We taxpayers paid Ratliff’s rich lobbying fees because the membership dues that education entities pay to join TASB come from our taxpayers’ dollars. 

Because the TASB dues come from public funds, we taxpayers are actually paying TASB to lobby Legislators for more school funding so that our taxes will increase.  We are paying to lobby ourselves!


It just so happens that Bennett Ratliff the youngest brother in the Ratliff clan is a Freshman State Representative that the infamous Speaker of the House Joe Straus appointed to the Education Committee. Wow isn’t that a coincidence. Oh by the way the chair of the House Ed. Comm., Rep. Jimmy Don Aycock, has a daughter who is a lobbyist for Raise Your Hand as well.  No wonder Senator Dan Patrick believed there was no way that Rep. Steve Toth’s bill which gave the SBOE over-site of CSCOPE would ever pass in the house.  Thank goodness for Texas Mom Kara Sands who worked the bill  through and got it passed with tenacity and conviction.


“Unfortunately, the Ratliff family (Bill, Thomas, Bennett, Shannon) are heavily vested in Raise Your Hand and in other political entities that have managed to influence our Texas Legislators, particularly during this 83rd Session.”

So let’s get to Thomas Ratliff and why he may be a little testy. You see Thomas Ratliff;Bill’s son -you know the one who was ruled by the Attorney General to be on the State Board of Education illegally because he is a paid lobbyist for Microsoft,  yea that one. He had a press release that came out today… see below.

He is not very happy that CSCOPE has been brought under the microscope and lessons have been pulled. Connect this dot – The RATLIFF’S  ARE TIED TO BILL GATES AND MICROSOFT

You know the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that is the lead funder for the transformation of Education in America called Common Core.  It has been reported that “a Gates Foundation-funded project  is storing an unprecedented amount of personal information about millions of students in a $100 million database that cannot guarantee complete security.”

Even in Texas a state that rejected Common Core just passed HB2103. This bill which was not vetoed by Gov. Perry’s. HB2103 sets up three P20 education research centers that in the name of education research have access to private data on both students and teachers.  Please listen to this short audio explaining it. https://soundcloud.com/alice-linahan/donna-garner-hb-2103 

CSCOPE in Texas was the testing ground for the platform that is to be used in other states.

From Texas Mom Colleen Vera’s article here are Three examples from their business models:

  • CSCOPE uses public funds to run a private non-profit corporation to hide its operations from the public
  • CSCOPE started as a simple service to local school districts and spread to over 800 districts statewide with plans of expanding out of state.
  • The legality of CSCOPE’s actions are highly suspect, access local tax dollars to give to a private non-profit corporation instead of distributing the funds directly to the ISDs  as dictated by Texas Education Code 18.14.

So now the light is being shined and the Ratliff Clan is not happy. After listening to the recommendation of SBOE Thomas Ratliff for districts to download CSCOPE lessons and then listening to Sen. Dan Patrick’s response linked here. I would suggest we all call Attorney General Greg Abbott and let him know it is time for the Ratcliff clan to be held responsible. Let’s start with removing Thomas Ratliff from the SBOE. 

Contact the Attorney General Greg Abbott to the following addresses: greg.abbott@oag.state.tx.us or public.information@oag.state.tx.us 

Greg Abbott Campaign Office: 512.477.2002

You can tweet the AG at @GregAbbott_TX or post in the comments section on his FBAttorney General Greg Abbott

See Thomas Ratliff’s press release and article written in the Long View News Journal- “WHAT A BULLY” I encourage you to click on the article and then voice your opinion of Thomas Ratliff’s opinion piece which basically defends the authors of the CSCOPE lessons which have been proven to be Anti-American, Anti-Christian and caused a great many of students to fail the STAAR test. It was not the teachers it was the philosophy of education of people like Linda Darling Hammond  which gives the illusion of helping Texas School Children and Sarah Brown Wessling who parents have an issue with.

Thomas Ratliff

P.O. Box 232        State Board of Education

Mt. Pleasant, TX 75456        Vice-Chairman        www.thomasratliff.com


Listen to what Bill Ayers says in the video below carefully….. 

“If we want change to come we could do well not to look to the seats of power we have no access to. The white house even the congress the pentagon these are not the sites that we have access to.  But lo and behold we have complete access to the community the school the neighborhood the street the classroom the workplace, the shop, the farm. That’s what we have direct access to…..”


Join the Movement to Stop CSCOPE

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Join us for the East Texas Education Forum on May 25th

Date posted: May 19, 2013

East Texas Education Forum

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Teachers, Parents & Administrators All are invited 


25 May 2013 at 1:00 PM

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Greg Coker, “Not on My Watch”

Not on My Watch 

K-12 Public Education Texas’ (CSCOPE)

Invited Guest Speakers


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Alice Linahan, Women on the Wall

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Janice VanCleave, Retired Teacher


Mary Bowen, Teacher

Come and learn how we can make our schools safer for our children. 

Come learn the real CSCOPE story.

Stop Common Core Presser

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Bob Hall 

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Argyle ISD Parents and Concerned Texans ~ CSCOPE Meeting~ Wed. Feb 6th Argyle High Lecture Hall

Date posted: February 1, 2013


You are asked to join us at the Argyle High School Lecture Hall for the Community Meeting on CSCOPE

Argyle High School – Lecture Hall 

191 S. Hwy 377
Argyle, Tx 76226

Wednesday Feb. 6th 

6:30 PM

On Thursday January 31st there was a hearing on CSCOPE in the Texas Senate. CSCOPE is a technology based time management curriculum that Argyle ISD has just adopted this year.  You may be interested to know that Mid way through the hearing Senator Patrick rightly concluded that “if CSCOPE was an airline, it would be grounded but because it’s in 875 plus schools (79% of all ISD’s and over 90% of the small ISD’s) it can’t be immediately unplugged.”  

So the question is, what are we as a community going to do about it? To the credit of the Argyle administration, Dr. Wright is holding and information meeting for the Argyle community. Our job as parents and grandparents is first to show up and get educated on what CSCOPE is, and how it is being used by our district. Many of you have seen the Wing Span e-mail sent out that the CSCOPE representatives will be here on February 6th at 6:30 in the evening to give a presentation. 

It is also very important for you to know that Dr. Wright has allowed us to bring in 4 of the key people who testified in the hearings yesterday along with myself to also present why they have concerns with CSCOPE. In addition, I have asked Wayne Richard to come and moderate the discussion on CSCOPE. 

Wayne Smile Full Chest Wayne Richard is President of ICglobal.net, a technology firm he founded 21 years ago specializing in Internet based solutions.   Wayne is also owner of Liberty Radio and Broadcasting, LLC and hosts the Wayne Richard Radio Show.




I am honored to let you know that sitting on the panel exposing the other side of  CSCOPE we will have. 

Charlie GarzaCharlie Garza 

Former State Board of Education official, current principal at Prime Academy. Garza has a long list of accomplishments that include over two decades of military service in the US Navy where he received numerous commendations, teaching at multiple grades levels and serving as an administrator at elementary, junior high and high school campuses.




Stan HartzlerDr. Stan Hartzler

Dr. Hartzler taught mathematics, science, computer science, and journalism for 21 years in junior highs and high schools, mostly in suburban Chicago and Texas .  He taught mathematics and education courses for 17 years in higher education, starting a Master’s program in Texas and a Ph.D. program in Louisiana .  Dr. Hartzler served as K-12 mathematics and science program leader for the Oklahoma City Public Schools.  He was one of the first two full-time employees of Saxon Publishers.

Janice Vancleave 

A native Texas and a retired Texas Educator. After 27 years of teaching secondary science, Janice began a career of writing science experiment books for John Wiley and Sons publishing. These science publication include 50+ books for kids K-12 as well as Science Resources for Teachers. The books are translated into 15 foreign languages and sold world wide. 
Janice has a science website with more than one thousand free science articles with activities and information. This website also has a link to contact Janice directly for tips and information about science fair projects or just to ask a science question. Janice donates her time to kids, parents and educators that want to know more about science.
Janice and others continued to expose CSCOPE which has led to a meeting with the Texas Commissioner of Education and a hearing before the senate education committee, under the direction of Senator Dan Patrick.

Ginger Russell

Ginger Russell

 Political Activist, Christian, 

Mother, Wife and Grandmother. 
Home schooled both of her daughters. 
Claim to fame- daughter of Science Author Janice VanCleave.
Along with the amazing work she has done tirelessly to exspose what is in the CSCOPE curriculum


Alice teapartyAlice Linahan 

Argyle Mom who is on a journey to  uncover CSCOPE in our own back yard. Alice is also politically-active Texas Mom who has worked hard in the trenches of the Tea Party movement. She is a board member of WomenOnTheWall.org   and TXAlliance4EthicalGovernment.

Don’t Miss  The Argyle Community CSCOPE Meeting 

Because concerns over CSCOPE have been raised the Argyle Administration is being smart and pro-active.The community information meeting has been called and your job is to show up and ask questions so we can protect our children and grandchildren. 

Argyle High School – Lecture Hall 

Wednesday Feb. 6th 

6:30 PM

Click the link the Most Amazing Senate Ed. Hearing Ever — CSCOPE which has information on the Senate Hearing at the Capital on Jan. 31. 

Hope to see you on Wed. Feb. 6th. Our children and grandchildren are worth it. 



WBTM Women On The Wall Radio with Donna Garner


You can find out HERE if your district is using CSCOPE! 


Thank you Sen. Dan Patrick on a job well done.

Thank you Sen. Dan Patrick on a job well done.


Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

Alice Linahan

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