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SPECIAL ALERT- Gary L. Bauer says Santorum For President!

Date posted: January 8, 2012

From: Gary L. Bauer

Santorum For President! 

Gary Bauer – American Values and Campaign for Working Families

After careful consideration and prayer, I have decided to publicly endorse Senator Rick Santorum today in Greenville, South Carolina, for the Republican presidential nomination.

As you know, my intention had been to avoid an endorsement this cycle. However, in recent days it has become obvious that the GOP electorate is deeply divided about who should carry the banner for our values into the 2012 election against Barack Obama. I have been receiving an increasing number of questions from our grassroots supporters around the country seeking guidance on which candidate they should support. I felt it was imperative that I take the lead now. 

As you know, I believe virtually all of these candidates are men who would be fantastic presidents compared to Barack Obama. My endorsement of Rick Santorum is in no way meant to be critical of the others. But I believe Santorum can best articulate the Reagan conservatism that has defined my political life and holds the best hope for the future our children and grandchildren will inherit. Rick Santorum is unambiguously pro-life and pro-family. 

The election of our next president in 2012 will be the most important election of my generation. Campaign for Working Families will continue to build a war chest to defeat Barack Obama in November. I believe the candidate best able to do that is Rick Santorum.

But let me assure you that we will deploy our resources for whoever is selected as the nominee. There is only one candidate we must stop and his name is Barack Obama.

Thank you for all you do to empower my work in Washington, D.C.

Conservative leader Gary Bauer warns of the dangers of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul in the latest Emergency Committee for Israel ad:


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