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Agenda Wise~ Straus the weak

Date posted: May 10, 2012

RIP the Rino - No Pledge to Joe Straus

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Straus the weak

Fourteen points of unusual Speaker weakness for Joe Straus

  1. Tea Parties, the most powerful force in Texas politics right now, uniformly oppose Joe Straus.
  2. Straus is on the wrong side of the other most powerful force in Texas politics, the Governor, by opposing the Texas Budget Compact, the Governor’s signature off-season policy initiative. Gov. Perry has endorsed legislators who voted against Joe Straus for Speaker in the 83rd Lege.
  3. In the first possible year, Straus attracted a speaker challenge, and will again if he can get past his primary.
  4. Several Speaker team incumbents are in primary fights, and it is largely because of their association with the Speaker.
  5. Speaker team candidates are faring poorly in the many open seats in play this cycle.
  6. Straus will forever be the Texas Speaker who squandered the hugely advantageous pledge card system due to inability to secure pledges.
  7. In a state where pro-choice Republicans are teetering on extinction, Straus was pro-choice until his post speaker challenge “conversion”. Though wishing to avoid the accountability of the proper label, in his Evan Smith interview days after being elected speaker, Straus articulated his pro-choice position when he said he was not in favor of changing the current abortion laws.  In addition, Straus has personal and spousal ties to Planned Parenthood.
  8. Straus was brought to power by the trial lawyer party, the Texas Democrats, and has proudly advertised his uncommon “fairness” with “all sides” ever since, angering all Republican party quarters accept his own Republican-only-because-they’re-in-Texas cardinals.
  9. Straus is the only Texas Speaker to attract a primary challenge since 1989 according to Secretary of State website.
  10. To the embarrassment (on several levels) of the entire establishment, Speaker Straus’s primary battle is very serious. The average margin of victory of challenged Republicans in 2010, none of whom had anywhere near the Speaker’s considerable advantages, was 23 points.
  11. Speaker Straus was easily knocked off of his off-season message about needing new revenues, now the Governor has buried it.
  12. Speaker Straus has specially targeted extremely popular Republican incumbent James White after previously claiming to never oppose incumbents. He’s helped fund raise for White’s opponent Tuffy Hamilton.
  13. Straus managed his way through an entire session with 101 Republicans without any reform of bloated and arcane bureaucracies, public education, or budgeting practices, and helped kill a popular TSA anti-groping bill.
  14. The friendly San Antonio Express-News Editorial Board (they endorsed Obama in 2008) had to resort to a particularly shameless brand of campaigning, desperately defending Straus’s credentials as conservative in the pages of their newspaper this week.

Texans should be thinking about which Straus clones will run for Speaker as conservatives, something almost sure to happen ahead of the 83rd Lege.

–San Antonio Express-News campaign piece



Sec. 302.032.  LEGISLATIVE BRIBERY:  PROMISES OR THREATS.  A person commits an offense if, with the intent to influence a member of or candidate for the house of representatives in casting a vote for speaker of the house of representatives, the person:(1)  promises or agrees to cause:(A)  the appointment of a person to a chairmanship or vice-chairmanship of a house committee or subcommittee;(B)  the appointment of a person to a particular house committee or subcommittee, the Legislative Budget Board, the Texas Legislative Council, the Legislative Library Board, the Legislative Audit Committee, or any other position the speaker appoints;(C)  preferential treatment on any legislation or appropriation;(D)  the employment of a person;  or(E)  economic benefit to a person;  or(2)  threatens to cause:(A)  the failure to appoint a person to a chairmanship or vice-chairmanship of a house committee or subcommittee;(B)  the failure to appoint a person to a particular house committee or subcommittee, the Legislative Budget Board, the Texas Legislative Council, the Legislative Library Board, the Legislative Audit Committee, or any other position the speaker appoints;(C)  unfavorable treatment on any legislation or appropriation;(D)  the refusal of or removal from employment of a person;  or(E)  the withholding of economic benefit from a person.

Acts 1985, 69th Leg., ch. 479, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1985.

“Remember Who We Are” by Nashville artist Krista Branch one of Rick Santorum Campaign theme songs.



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Date posted: May 24, 2011

Women On The Wall

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by Rebecca Forest

Join with WomenOnTheWall.Org and other Tea Party group leaders and activists across Texas in saying, “NO TO PLEDGE CARDS.” 


It is unbelieveable that the Texas Legislature allows the Texas House Speaker to strong-arm fellow legislators into pledging their votes for the House Speaker’s Race in 2013 before the current session has even ended.

This practice is unethical and perhaps even illegal and it is time for members of the Texas Legislature to pledge their support to their citizen constituents, not the power brokers in Texas business and politics!

Time to end corruption in Texas politics.

Sign the Grassroots Texans Open Letter to members of the Texas House (click link below), urging them to stand for the people and not sign pledge cards.

From our Friends at Grassroots Texans:

As the Texas State Legislature draws to a close, the House Leadership is right now pressuring House members to sign ‘pledge cards,’ which are pledges of loyalty to the current House leadership.

If you believe, as I do, that our elected public servants owe their loyalty to THE PEOPLE rather than to the House leadership, I encourage you to join me in signing on to this Open Letter urging our elected public servants to refuse to sign ‘pledge cards’:


With enough of our fellow Texans standing with us, we can let our elected officials know, in no uncertain terms, that we expect them to express their loyalty to THE PEOPLE, not to other politicians.

Thank you.

Your contributions to help fund this WOW video project and others are greatly needed and appreciated!


Stand with us to protect our children, America’s founding principles, and our sovereignty.

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