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Rick Santorum; Why Women Love Him Like Crazy?

Date posted: March 29, 2012

First Watch and Listen to this Video: Then let’s talk PolitiJim.

Rick Santorum’s message and campaign represents all of those American men who love like crazy and when asked how they do it they say…..

Through Faith and Sweat and the heart of a faithful women who never lets him forget to be her best friend, who tells the truth, and knows to over use I LOVE YOU.

Go to Work, Do Your Best, Don’t outsmart your common sense, never let your prayin’ knee’s get lazy, and LOVE LIKE CRAZY………..

You see PolitiJim women will do anything to protect their families and Santorum understands and can clearly articulate that ECONOMICS IS A FAMILY ISSUE! That is why we support him.

Let me first commend you on your retraction of calling women who support Santorum SLUTSS. Although I believe those who read it will find parts of it to be just as disturbing as the first article you wrote about it.  Lines like this don’t fly little birdy.

“The whole “Santorum Lovers Unwilling TSoberly Syllogize” was just me being me.  Edgy, Witty, Funny (at least to non-Santorum’s), irreverent and unvarnished, packing a punch of raw truth without really caring what people thought.  That’s me, I think.  And I never was insinuating any sexual aspersions, just political truths that some Republicans will “sleep” with any candidate who they think will pay them a little attention or validate their world view regardless of what THEY really stand for or are qualified to do. 

As for what Voices Empower is qualified to do. You make some pretty far fetched statements while paying little attention to facts. I am not sure who your tea party network is in Texas but I would be careful in saying that Voices Empower came from out of nowhere. By the way I hope you will be at the True The Vote National Summit so I can meet you in person. I happen to know Catherine very well and actually covered the Nov. 2010 election from the King Street Patriots command center. I was honored to learn so much from my dear friend Anita Moncrief as we covered Black Panther leader Quanell X  together.  I actually wrote an article for Focus on the Family Citizen Link on the King Street Patriots and the amazing work that they are doing. I will bring a copy for you to the summit if you will be there. I am assuming you will be since the e-mail you sent says you are so involved with them.

Interesting to note politico is reporting Santorum Wins Over Conservative Women.

Maybe we should be asking ourselves what my good friend Foster Friess asks…..
Do we want to be governed by Rules and Regulations or Inspired by Values and Virtues.

As a wife who loves my husband like crazy and appreciates how hard he works for our family to survive in these crazy times I can tell you I will stand by his side fearlessly to defend a couple like Rick and Karen Santorum when they are mocked and criticized  by a Tea Party Leader who seems to care little for values and virtues. 

You see Jim your rants mocking conservative women are not winning votes for your candidate. If anything the content that you and Katrina have pushed has done more harm than good.

I do hope I have given you a little food for thought because in the end, after the primary we have all got to be on the same team to fight the real threat to America, Barack Obama! I can tell you no matter who the Republican Candidate is I will be doing everything in my power to get him elected.

Blessings are truly abundant in American but we must fight daily to keep it that way!


Grab your Tea and Follow me! It’s a Peaceful Revolution!

Join The Fight! Be A Part Of The Solution!


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