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“Supremes Decide Obama Is a Lying Tax-Hiker”

by Donna Garner

Today Sarah Palin said it well:  “Obama Lies, Freedom Dies.”  The U. S. Supreme Court Justices just proved that Obama is (as Gary Bauer has stated) “a lying tax-hiker.”  Obama knew the 2,700 page ObamaCare “monster” would never pass on its own merit; therefore, he repeatedly lied to us and said it was not a tax.

The Supremes said it is a tax – actually a $500 Billion tax over the next ten years. If ObamaCare is allowed to go forward, it would be the largest tax increase in the history of the whole world.

If Obama were to get re-elected in November, the American people would be forced to purchase private health insurance policies (i.e., a tax) the provisions of which would be controlled by the federal government; and Obama’s legion of IRS agents would be hired to enforce the mandate.

In time, the government would drive insurance companies out of business through the price-control process; and the end result would be that all of us would be dependent upon the federal government to decide which ones of us should live or die.

As Romney said, “…in order to get rid of ObamaCare, we’re going to have to replace President Obama….”What the court did not do on its last day in session, I will do on my first day if elected President of the United States, and that is I will act to repeal ObamaCare…It is a job killer.” 

It appears that the U. S. House is not going to wait until November.  On July 11, the House will vote on repealing ObamaCare.  Voters all over this country will get a chance to see which House members need to be thrown out of Congress for voting to keep ObamaCare.

[This is the same House that voted 255 to 67 to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. in contempt of Congress – 17 Democrats voted against Holder while 2 Republicans (Congressmen Scott Rigell of Virginia and Steven LaTourette of Ohio) voted for him.]

Also, the Senate liberals under Harry Reid must be completely replaced with conservatives in the upcoming November 6, 2012 elections.  Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund  (http://senateconservatives.com/ ) and Gary Bauer’s Campaign for Working Families  ( http://www.cwfpac.com/ ) are good places where we can seek information and make campaign contributions to worthy conservative candidates.

With Romney in place and with a majority of House and Senate conservatives elected, we can take our country back.

The bad news is that Obama is amassing a huge army of Democrat lawyers (as many as 6,000) to try to intimidate voters at the polls in November.  However, as Gary Bauer so wisely has stated, “The left can’t…steal the election if it isn’t close!” This means that we conservatives cannot try to win by just a few votes but must make this election such a landslide that our side cannot be denied victory.  

The good news is that the Supremes today have done what probably nobody else could have done; they have made the American people so mad that even the disinterested will get off their sofas and go to the polls on November 6 to “throw the bums out.”

Elections do have consequences, and the American people have finally learned their lesson.  With an aging Supreme Court, the next President will have many opportunities to appoint future Justices.  The “good guys” have turned out to be Scalia, Alito, Thomas, and Kennedy; may their kind increase!


What are the consequences of the SCOTUS decision ~ explained by Peter Suderman of Reason Magazine in this video:


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