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Straus still telling TSA lies- Agenda Wise Reports

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In a recent speech to a group in Tarrant County, Joe Straus repeated discredited lies about the TSA bill, lies that were called out by the TSA bill author and champion Rep. David Simpson in his rousing speech after the bill’s defeat.

Straus repeated a lie he used at the end of the session, saying the reason the TSA bill died was that David Simpson failed to consult the Attorney General in time to address some legal concerns Straus had with the bill. This is demonstrably false. In reality, Rep. Simpson navigated every obstacle thrown at his bill with style and retained documentation, leaving leadership with no legitimate excuse with which to to defend themselves.

Straus used another excuse based on a scheme he engaged in to kill the TSA bill. Straus says, “The Senate sent me a bill and the House had no chance to amend. I just don’t do business that way.” This happened because the Senate sine died (ended the Senate’s special session) right after they sent their version of the TSA bill to the House. Being gone, the Senate couldn’t vote on an amended version of the bill.

This allows Straus to say he was held hostage by the Senate version of the bill. However, the fact there was so little time remaining, and the fact the Senate passed the bill and sine died was carefully orchestrated.

The TSA bill was added to the special session late, but by no means too late. Instead of rushing it onto the docket, many days were wasted by leisurely scheduling. When the scheduled day, a Friday, finally arrived, Joe Straus wasted it by gaveling in, taking roll, and gaveling out, ending business for the day. Wasting the Friday before the special session was to end on Wednesday was fatal for the TSA bill.


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By Monday it was nearly too late, but not yet. The House passed the TSA bill, then Lt. Governor Dewhurst passed an even stronger TSA bill. Dewhurst then did his dirty deed, officially ending the special session one day early for the Senate.

By running down the shot clock to almost zero, Straus ensured there was no time to deal with the unexpected, and there are a million legislative ways to manufacture “the unexpected”.

The TSA bill was a courageous effort by David Simpson to restore dignity to commercial air travel in Texas by ending groping practices.

In truth, challenging the Obama Administration was considered horribly tacky by ruling class politicians in Austin like Straus. While young girls and old women were being humiliated in Texas airports, they were rolling their eyes that a east Texas freshman legislator was crusading in such an immodest fashion. For Straus and company, the TSA bill was a clear violation of the “we’re in this together for ourselves” culture of ruling class Republicans and Democrats nationwide.

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Weston Hicks researches and writes about associations in the Texas political realm, media choices, and political strategy. Over the past year he has advised on grassroots and voter initiatives. He has a B.A. in History from the University of Texas at El Paso and a J.D. from University of Texas School of Law. He enjoys spending time with wife and three children, reading theology and political theory, and watching FC Barcelona. You can reach him at whicks@agendawise.com.

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