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Straus says he has the pledges from State Reps. ~ Really?

Joe Straus and the empty chairAccording to Joe Straus he has the votes for Speaker of the House: but wait Joe you have not showed up to answer to the people and nether have many of these State Reps. you supposedly have pledged to you. You are beginning to become the latest elected official to earn the empty chair award. You did not show up in Argyle, Texas for a town hall forum. You did not show up in Mesquite, Texas this week for a town hall forum. Interesting, Bryan Hughes did. He took the time to answer questions directly from the people.


The video below shows how a Leader earns his postion instead of demanding it and paying off people. I encourage all State Reps. to watch this video. Notice how well informed and engaged the grassroots are. If you think we are going away you are sadly mistaken. 

Women On Wall announced today they are hosting Speaker Showdown II in Austin for the Speakers Race. The event will be both January 7th and 8th. In addition I am excited to let you know that the Key Note Speaker for Monday Jan. 7th before the Speaker Vote will be Pat Caddell. Word to the wise. Think long and hard before you make a commitment to vote for Joe Straus as Speaker, it may just cost you your seat in the Texas House. 
Speaker Showdown II in Austin, Tx

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

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