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Straus phone calls begin Tuesday night after the election; Vote and Call your Texas State Rep.

Texas Speaker Showdown January 2011

As reported by Wayne Christian in his e-mail sent out today…

“Texans should know phone calls will start Tuesday evening to their newly elected State Representatives to “pledge” to Speaker Straus their vote.  I ask all Texans, after having voted, please contact your State Representative and insist they “pledge” their support only to take back the Texas House!  Insist they vote for Bryan Hughes for Speaker and not allow the distasteful slide toward a government where the people are “made dupes of designing men” as warned by Sen. Daniel Webster in 1782.  Who also said “Make them (the voters) intelligent, and they will be vigilant; give them the means of detecting the wrong, and they will apply the remedy.”  

New revelations came out last night on Red State by Erik Erikson  

Excerpts from this article: 

Private Emails From Texas Speaker Joe Straus’s Office Reveal War Against Conservatives


Slot Machine Joe Has Got To Go!

In the next 72 hours, right after the election, members of the Texas House will have to begin considering who they will support for the speakership in 2013 — Mr. Straus, a self-described moderate dripping with disdain for conservatives, or the conservative Bryan Hughes.

These emails appear to me to be just the tip of the iceberg.Straus is a known liberal who was empowered predominantly by Democrats, and has held on to power through threats and intimidation. Conservatives in Texas have been fighting back; the question now is whether House Republicans in Texas will do what they have been elected to do… and stand up against Straus.

As soon as I finish writing this post I will be calling my State Rep. Tan Parker to find out if he will be supporting Joe Straus in January. This must be clarified in light of the e-mails released.  In addition I will let him know that as much as I appreciate his previous conservative votes if he chooses to vote for Straus in Jan. I will have no choice but to work hard to replace him in the next Primary. This vote is that important. 

The Argyle Victory Team has made it very clear who we will be supporting in Jan. Bryan Hughes.  

“Vote, then call your State Representative and tell them you’re watching and if they vote to continue to support Straus, you will “apply the remedy” next election!” ~Wayne Christian  

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!


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