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Shame on the Houston Chronicle – True The Vote

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When Texans tell the Liberal Media – Not so fast!!

Below is a great example of the power we have to fight back. Please take the time to read a “Letter to the Editor” of the Houston Chronicle about their article Partisan Tactic Could Suppress Voting by Texas Patriot Ellen Lopez.

To the Editor:

Your story titled “Partisan Tactic Could Suppress Voting” characterizes citizen volunteer efforts to ensure that elections are honest as “tea party volunteers storming polling places” which your articles says “evokes strong images of Jim Crow-era voter suppression.”  How outrageous!
First of all, pollwatchers have been a part of our voting process – each political party may appoint pollwatchers to observe the voting process at a polling place.  Pollwatchers do not ‘storm’ a polling place; they are assigned a polling place; they are trained in what the voting process rules are; they cannot speak to a voter directly; any concerns are addressed to the presiding judge of that polling place.  Did I mention that BOTH parties have the right to train and send citizen volunteers as pollwatchers?
This highly offensive and inaccurate article goes on to liken the efforts of these trained citizen observers dedicated to honest elections as akin to “Jim Crow-era voter suppression.”  The only vote that pollwatchers seek to suppress is fraudulent vote; are the authors of this article in favor of voter fraud?  Is this publication unaware of the convictions of systematic voter fraud throughout the country?  Google John Fund of the Wall Street Journal and educate yourself.   Every citizen , every journalist and every newspaper should want to ensure that our elections are honest, that everyone’s vote is counted and that no one vote illegally.  
I have read the True the Vote materials, taken a seminar of theirs along with training offerered by my local county elections office and that of my local county  political party’s training.   I have been a candidate, a pollworker, a campaign representative outside the polling place, a clerk and a presiding judge inside the polling place;  every role is important and is critical to ensuring  honest elections.  Smearing the True the Vote and tea party volunteers in their civic efforts in support of this fundamental foundation to the American political process is disgusting, dishonest and demagogic.  Shame on you.
Ellen Lopez
Below isan e-mail from the team at True the Vote!!

Fellow Patriots and True the Vote volunteers-
This Sunday, the Houston Chronicle’s Outlook section featured a full front page story devoted entirely to the subject of vote suppression and you. The article, written by Judith Browne Dianisco-director of The Advancement Project and Christina Sanders, Texas State Director of The League of Young Voters, was titled “PartisanTactic Could Suppress Voting”. Guess what the partisan tactic was….you. The whole article can be read via this link, but here’s an excerpt:
“To complement the voter suppression efforts, tea party-affiliated groups such as the Houston-based King Street Patriots have vowed to send individuals to observe activities at polling places, which could intimidate voters. Hundreds of volunteers have pledged their time to travel to polling stations, question the rights of fellow Texans to cast their ballots and disrupt polling-place activity if they deem it necessary. The idea of tea party volunteers storming polling places evokes strong images of Jim Crow-era voter suppression.”
Many of you worked at the polls after having participated in True the Vote training. This article accuses you of “storming polling places” with the intent to disrupt and intimidate voters. We know that these accusations are biased, groundless, and hateful, yet they still make for headline news at the Chronicle. Make no mistake, there is a national, coordinated effort to sabotage the True the Vote effort. These kinds of articles are popping up all over the place; making false accusations, conjuring up vile images, and attempting to rally followers through anger and fear. That our hometown paper would be complicit in the promotion of such propaganda is inexcusable.
Are you going to let the accusations made in this article go unanswered?  We hope not.  When citizens don’t speak up, when we don’t set the record straight – that is how lies become accepted as truth.  If you’ve ever been associated with the True the Vote program, if you’ve heard our presentations, if you’ve gone through our training, if you’ve worked at the polls, you are the BEST equipped source to respond to these fallacious allegations. Please take a few minutes and write the Chronicle. Tell them your True the Vote experience. Let them read the truth as you know it to be. Please do not remain silent.  
You can send your comments to the Houston Chronicle via email at viewpoints@chron.com or mail to Houston Chronicle / P.O. Box 4260 / Houston, TX 77210-4260 
Thank you to all who have already written in, thank you to all who will take action in response to this email, and thank you for your continued support of True the Vote. We have only just begun.
Leader, True the Vote


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