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Rick Santorum~Ties in Michigan and publicly thanks his 93 yr. old Mom

We the People ~ VS~ the Pundits 

Rick Santorum gives Mitt Romney a run for his money. Yes, it looks like all that money did not buy all the votes. People are actually listening and deciding for themselves ~vs~ buying into the PR and propaganda of the Romney campaign .

In Michigan, the winner in each of the state’s 14 congressional districts gets two delegates, and two more delegates go to the candidate who takes the most votes statewide, making up the total of 30 delegates.

Political analyst Stephen Caliendo says Mitt Romney’s victory in the Republican primary in Michigan was essentially a tie in terms of delegate allotment.”

When former Pennsylvania Senator presidential candidate Rick Santorum addressed his hard working supporters following the Michigan Primary he gave an AWESOME speech  talking about the influence of three strong and amazing women, his mother, his wife and his daughter.

Rick Santorum took the time to publicly thank his 93 yr. old Mother last night in Michigan. I have had the opportunity to meet Rick’s Mom and I can tell you she is one amazing women. Take the time to listen to his whole speech. Not only will you be well informed but you will be inspired to join the Santorum Team moving into Super Tuesday.


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