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Republicans Have Pet Projects they want US to Pay for in Texas (Special Session Alert)

Photo courtesy of the Statesman.

“There could be a vote tomorrow in the Texas House on SB 1 concerning budget for Texas.  Comptroller Susan Combs has a little pet project and she has $25M in SB 1 for a car racetrack in Austin, paid for by all of us!!   That’s right!  The state of Texas is supposed to pay for this racetrack even though most of us will never see it.  Perry’s amendment will put money in Education fund instead.

Our Rep. Charles Perry has added an amendment to SB 1 to cut this $25M out of the budget.”
TO FIND YOUR HOUSE REP GO TO: http://www.house.state.tx.us/members/      You will find their name and phone numbers and email.  Do it today.
Below is more information from Empower Texans about what is actually happening on the ground in Austin!!

Formula 1 Redlines Irresponsible Governing

It’s bad enough that $25 million of state taxpayer money could go towards funding a Formula 1 racetrack near Austin. Now, the City of Austin may end up spending an additional $4 million, or risk getting stuck with the new track but no race.

According to ESPN, the Austin City Council is being asked to provide an additional $4 million to help cover some of the costs associated with bringing the F1 race to Central Texas. But that’s only in the first year! The city would then be expected to cover any more costs (up to $4 million) each year through 2021.”

Read the Rest of the story Formula ! Redlines Irresponsible Governing. 

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