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Republican Donors Block Legislation -The 82nd State Legislature Record & Lessons Learned

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The most concise summary of the session: despite having the first super-majority of the GOP in the modern era and an agreed upon Top 20 list of legislation that conservative groups desired passed, only 5 of the Top 20 Conservative bills were signed into law in any form. While most expected trouble getting bills through the Senate, only one of the 15 failures made it to the Senate.

The hows and whys are a lesson in the power of the professional political class and legislative obstructionism to the will of the conservative mandate delivered in the election.  If such a mandate is ever to be translated into effective legislative solutions, those obstructions need to be dealt with.  The following key legislative battles and how they failed pinpoint many of the problems that need electoral solution.


This was the most complex Kabuki theater played in the State Legislature, a choreographed dance. The bills were crafted in both houses- and scheduled in such a way- to allow the GOP machine to vote for the bill in each house.  This allowed the GOP regulars to supposedly earn immigration bonafides for the next election, but because each bill was different enough, it went into conference committee where it was essentially ‘chubbed’ until it was too late to pass a concensus bill.

GOP Boosters Urge a “No” Vote on Sanctuary Cities – Photo by Texas Tribune

But the Governor messed it up for the Austin Machine by giving in to the pressure from the ‘Great Unwashed’ and putting it into the special session at the last minute, leaving no time for the subtle sleight of hand.  As discussed HERE and HERE, it came down to orders being issued by just a handful of big donors NOT to pass the restrictions on Sanctuary Cities. Bob Perry of Perry Homes (who donated over $3 MILLION to state candidates last year),  HEB’s Charles Butt (almost $500K last year) , Dr. Steve Hotze of the supposedly Conservative Republicans of Texas (over $700K last year), and Norman Adams of Texas GOP Vote.  Four men said that Sanctuary Cities will remain, even though only 17% of Texans support their existence . Money over the clear wishes of the citizens.

Who are the legislative ‘performers for this charade?  Naturally, Straus and Dewhurst were in on the game, as was the Chair of the State Affairs Committee (Rep. Byton Cook), and the Chair of the Calendar Committee.


Question if Governor Rick Perry had been a strong leader and not pron to being soft on illegal immigration possibly due to the large Republican donors who are supporting his Presidential run, would we have Sanctuary Cities legislation?  Unlike  Governor Nikki Haley who signed Illegal Immigration Reform Law 

Grassroots/Tea Party Citizens Groups Join together to expose the Texas Leadership

Jo Ann Fleming  TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee, Executive Director (volunteer) Grassroots America –

We the People  www.gawtp.com

Bob Hall – Canton TEA Party and Roberto Gonzalez – Cuban American, Clear Lake Tea Party

Read King Grassroots Activist from Denton, Texas, Barbara Mabray Grassroots activist from Georgetown, Texas  and Alice Linahan  Board Member of WomenOnTheWall.org and founder of Voices Empower, Ray Myers Kaufman County Tea Party.


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