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Rep. Vickie Truitt Shows Her True Colors

By Donna Garner

Vicki Truitt’s Classic Hits to the Texas TaxpayerIf anyone ever had any doubts about Rep. Vickie Truitt being an authentic conservative, her latest move to file an ethics complaint against Michael Q. Sullivan of Empower Texans should help all conservative voters to know that Rep. Truitt and Rep. Keffer are RINO’s of the first order.

Empower Texans along with other fiscally responsible organizations and individuals fought hard to support those in the Texas Legislature who knew we needed to maintain a large fund balance in the Rainy Day Fund for emergencies.

The Rainy Day Fund has around $7.2 Billion left in it now, but Texas will need that money to pay for the $4.1 Billion tab for Medicaid, $183 Million to fight the Texas fires last year, and the $7 Billion that we lost last year because of the severe drought.

Besides, what about emergencies both natural and economic that may lie ahead for Texas? No family should max out its budget, and certainly Texas should not max out its budget either.

I for one am thankful for the hard work of Michael Q. Sullivan and others who stood up to Joe Straus last year and wanted an authentic conservative elected as the Speaker. I also appreciate Sullivan’s hard work to make sure that Texas does not go bankrupt as we see happening in other states.

Rep. Keffer is running unopposed in the Republican primary, but Rep. Truitt faces a solid conservative in Giovanni Capriglione.  I trust that the voters in HB 98 will take note of Truitt’s vindictive actions against Michael Q. Sullivan/Empower Texans and vote her out of office.

Various conservatives have sent me their concerns about Rep. Vickie Truitt, and I have posted them further on down the page along with other information about Truitt and her voting record.


Updated:  Joe Straus’ Allies – Reps. Vickie Truitt and Jim Keffer — Declare Ethics War on Michael Q. Sullivan of Empower Texans 

Two allies of Speaker Joe Straus have filed ethics complaints against conservative gadfly Michael Quinn Sullivan and his Empower Texans group, upping the ante in already tense relations between House GOP leaders and two Sullivan-led groups that are heavily funded by Midland businessmanTim Dunn

On Tuesday, veteran Republican Reps. Jim Keffer of Eastland and Vickie Truitt of Keller filed Ethics Commission complaints saying Sullivan failed to file papers required for a lobbyist over the past two years; and Empower Texans, his political arm, failed to file a required report on its campaign finance activity in the last half of 2011. 

Citing corporate filings with the secretary of state’s office, Truitt and Keffer said that Empower Texans “is completely controlled by Midland residents Tim Dunn and his family.” They said the alleged reporting failures by Sullivan and the group conceal “the true identity” of those lobbying the Legislature or spending money to support and oppose legislative candidates. Keller and Truitt said Empower Texans spent money to work against both of them in the last six months of 2011. 

Sullivan, reached on the road in South Texas, responded, “Par for the course. Sounds like a typical case of a couple of incumbents who’d rather have people talking about anything else other than their records, going into an election.” He said he and the political action committee follow the law but added, “How do you defend against scurrilous accusations?” Sullivan insisted, “I’m not a lobbyist,” though in 2009 and 2008, he registered as one for Empower Texans.

Sullivan has been a thorn in Team Straus’ side. In November 2010, shortly after voters elected 99 Republicans to the 150-member House and two Democrats switched parties to give the GOP a supermajority in the chamber, Sullivan helped organize a joint letter by leaders of social conservative and anti-tax groups that called for “a more conservative speaker” than Straus, R-San Antonio. In last year’s session, he helped organize opposition to using rainy day fund money to ease budget cuts. Recently, Empower Texans endorsed Truitt’s primary opponent, Giovanni Capriglione of Southlake. (Keffer is unopposed in the May 29 GOP primary.) 

Given the whiff of political gunpowder in the air that their volleys unleashed, there was a perhaps appropriate final touch in the two lawmaker’s ethics filings: The Ethics Commission requires a copy of an ID from those filing complaints. Truitt and Keffer both plunked down on the copier a concealed handgun license. Hands up, partner! 



Texas Eagle Forum (82nd Legislative Session) gave Rep. Vickie Truitt a rating of 26; and Young Conservatives of Texas gave Truitt a 63%.  This puts Truitt in the position of voting as a moderate and not as a conservative.

Click on Photo to donate and help Giovanni Capriglione

A true conservative — Giovanni Capriglione – is running against Truitt. The conservatives of House District 98  (Southlake – Keller area) believe they have located a fine conservative to run against Truitt, and they are very excited about Giovanni: Go to Vote Giovanni’s Facebook page and click “Like”

Comments sent to me about Rep. Vicki Truitt:

Truitt definitely did not follow through with advancing the ball on stopping our out-of-control illegal immigration problem in Texas which is really the root of most of our problems in Texas and our nation.  She was one that was featured in the WomenOntheWall.Org falling dominoes as a big RINO. 


Vicki Is not one of us.  She is one of the biggest RINOs in Austin and works closely with Wendy Davis on the pushing of Toll Roads and this out of control spending on transportation.  


Truitt’s husband Jim gave an opening prayer at one of the Republican executive meetings which happened to be held in a Christian church and it was an absolute disgrace. He and his wife had just come back from Turkey…Jim tried to include every religion in his prayer and at the end..almost like he didn’t even care… said “and Whatever.”  

About the trip to Turkey, Vickie Truitt has refused to give us any information – no travel reimbursements, nothing. Like Granger, Shelton, Solomons —  they think the Harmony Science Charter Schools are great. These free trips to Turkey for elected officials are a way of “bribing” them into supporting the Turkish-Gulen-Cosmos-Harmony Charter Schools using our tax dollars to pay for them. 


We have tried to oust Rep. Truitt for three years because of her refusal to vote for conservative issues, and we are eager to elect Giovanni Capriglione. 


Vicki Truitt – Liberal at Heart:


NE Tarrant Tea Party – Vicki Truitt’s Classic Hits to the Texas Taxpayer:  


Heidi Thiess for State Rep.

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The Texas Republican convention process is now underway. Please do not let this opportunity pass you by. Some counties are holding precinct conventions and others are not.  Attending the precinct convention is the first step in the convention process so it is important for you to attend.

Most counties are bypassing the precinct conventions and holding either the Senatorial District Convention (larger urban areas) or County Convention either on Saturday, April 14 or Saturday, April 21.

It is important that many of you become delegates to the Republican Party of Texas Convention in Fort Worth, June 7-9, 2012, so you must participate in the earlier processes in order to qualify to become a delegate.

Bring a neighbor or friend and GET INVOLVED!! 
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