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Propaganda: The Establishment ~vs~ We The People


“In case you missed the first one-on-one debate for the U.S. Senate race between Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst, here’s a nugget you will not want to miss.

Dewhurst flat-out denied ever supporting a payroll tax, yet here’s a link to the press release his own office put out bragging about its passage: http://www.ltgov.state.tx.us/prview.php?id=75. (Note: “Texas businesses will have a choice of paying either a low-rate revised franchise tax or a payroll tax.”) 

Here is the link to that debate. The Payroll tax issue is disgussed at Time stamp (18:58)


CRUZ: Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, you have been widely criticized for having proposed a statewide wage tax, a payroll tax that would have been 2.5% of the wages of every employee. Your response is to call your critics liars. So I have a very simple question, did you support a payroll tax? Yes or no and is that a good idea?

DEWHURST: No and no.

CRUZ: You did not support a payroll tax?

DEWHURST: No, I’ve never supported a wage tax and I’ve never supported a payroll tax. Umm 

(Note: http://www.dewbious.com/proposed-wage-tax/

CRUZ: Well, that’s very interesting. I’ll point out at the end of this that we have over two dozen newspaper articles that are contemporaneous, quoting the Lt. Governor supporting a payroll tax. So we can now compare the facts to what he just told a television audience.”

Knowledge is POWER!! In order for “We The People” to gain back the power we must take the time to become educated on who we are electing into office to represent us. Please take the time to watch the debate from Friday night between Conservative Ted Cruz and Moderate David Dewhurst.


The team at Agenda Wise has some very important information about the tricks being played by the moderate establishment Republicans in Texas. Take the time to read their article below.

Appropriated Conservative Labeling


A rash of groups have popped up in Texas claiming the conservative mantel. These new groups are careful to work the word conservative into their branding, but conservative consumers are becoming wise to their tactics and agendas.

Recently Texans with Republican ties on Facebook have been served ads from The Texas Conservatives Fund. It’s Facebook page is designed for a quick glance of the groups “values” leading to a “like” solicitation. The page is cryptic. Even the about isn’t particularly insightful, “to promote Texas Conservative Values for the GOP nomination for Texas in the US Senate in 2012.”

So this group will back whoever wins the GOP run-off in the November election? Nope.

To get an upfront account of what the Texas Conservative Fund is you have to navigate to its website to see it was created to “promote David Dewhurst’s candidacy for the GOP nomination for the US Senate in 2012.” Texas Conservative Fund’s Facebook sneakiness is suspicious given the group’s recent streak with liberal ties employing similar tactics.

Exposed liberal front group Honest Texans has been running the same scheme for a year to grow it’s following. Luckily the Trojan Horse was exposed as a liberal front before it could activate a tricked audience.

Then we have Conservative Voters of Texas. This PAC was set up by Steve Mostyn, Texas’ George Soros-esque mega-donor. Mostyn spent over $10 million in 2010 to help elect Democrats across Texas including Bill White. Mostyn’s stooge front man Mark McCaig launched Conservative Voters of Texas to play in GOP primaries in 2012. McCaig, a former member of the State Republican Executive Committee and Conservative Voters of Texas, had a short shelf life after he was outed by Texans for Lawsuit Reform.

Like Mostyn’s group, the Texas Conservative Roundtable launched in 2012 to undermine conservatives by posing as a conservative group. TXCR was quickly discredited when it released a flawed and blatantly crony scorecard. Shortly after it’s scorecard debacle the Roundtable was directly linked to embattled House Speaker Joe Straus.

Steer clear of tricks. Texans are getting wise and even the appearance of misleading tactics is likely to raise alarms and ire.

Daniel Greer 


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