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Power and Control~ Whose got it: Establishment or We The People?~ UPDATED

Yesterday morning I wrote the post The Texas Republican State Convention~ It is all a show, and You are being Played. In it I said….

From the Right to Life groups that support Pro-Choice candidates because that is who is paying their bills to an  Immigration platform that opens the door to Amnesty and of course the Texas Speaker of the House who uses the stage for complete propaganda. I would say Texas Tax payers who are paying these peoples bills are indeed being played! 

To follow-up: This morning I started going through my mail from the week and here is what I found.

Request for donations from the Texas Republican Party

The Response to Request for Donations from the Texas Republican Party.

WHY did I trash the request for Donations from the Republican Party of Texas?

Because of the “Show of Propaganda” presented at the Texas Republican Convention! Below are examples of what I saw followed up by what I will be doing in the months ahead instead of financially supporting the Texas Republican party.

To begin: As written in the program State Senators where brought on and each was announced by name and introduced to the party.

  • Next up was the Texas House of Representatives. Per the written program the same was to happen and Speaker Joe Straus was to speak.  The agenda was changed at the last minute and the State Reps and Candidates were instructed to go out ahead of Joe Straus, without the planned introduction the Senate Reps and Candidates received. Joe Straus was also intentionally not introduced and his speech was abbreviated to less than five minutes.WHY~ 

    Joe Straus’ ~ Propaganda Backdrop

The only way Speaker Straus could face the GOP Convention voters was by bringing the entire House onstage behind him. Does this show a huge weakness in the Leadership of Joe Straus, I believe so.

By the way this is what the Liberal media is not reporting! 

A walkout was planned during Joe Straus speech:

“The talk is that Joe Straus is going to try to win over the delegates in Fort Worth by trying to convince them that he is a true conservative and gain support for him to continue as Speaker. A grassroots silent protest is planned when Straus addresses the convention during a general session on Friday – just people getting up and walking out to go view the convention booths while Straus is speaking and then coming back when his talk is over. It will send a strong message to him as well as the Texas House GOP candidates that the people do not support Joe Straus as Texas Speaker of the House.

Pass the word.”

Click on Photo to see more photos of the Texas Tea Parties United for Victory 2012 booth

Below is what actually happened: As reported by Ramparts 360

If he (Joe Straus) was trying to diffuse the walk-out, that’s a nice flanking move, but then the whole walk-out strategy was available for all to see on FB.
And yet that was the point – to let Straus’ team know that some demonstration of resistance was afoot. Remember Alinsky Rule #1: Power is not only what you have, but what an opponent thinks you have. From the looks of things I’d say grassroots made Straus change his game. 

It is interesting to note that this protest and the whole Tea Party/Grassroots coalition (Texas Tea Parties United for Victory in 2012) has been described as unprofessional and even dubbed the “Canton Flea Market” by “We Texans” who had a booth next to the Tea Parties. It looks like “We The People” are just not as slick as Slick Joe Straus and David Dewhurst.  Below are a couple of observations by “We The People”

“He was to give a full speech onstage alone… But he chickened out. Wonder how powerful he will look after hiding behind the lege.”

“It is a striking contrast between the GOP establishment and their expensive suits and designer hair cuts and the overwhelmingly conservative delegates attending this years convention. Go Ted Cruz!” 

Next observation of pure Propaganda! 

When a group like Texas Alliance for Life endorses a candidate like Joe Straus whose wife was on the board of Planned Parenthood and who said that the abortion issue is just “Campaign Fodder” we are truly in dark times.

In addition  Texas Right to Life group ENDORSED Judge David Medina for TX Supreme Court. TRL didn’t even have Judge John Devine listed as a candidate (or “Certified” as pro-life. Below is an exchange a prominent activist and supporter of the group had over the issue.

Q: What is the criteria your organization uses to endorse a candidate? I noticed that Judge John Devine was not listed and he has a long history in the pro-life community.
A: Judge Media answered our questionnaire and he sat before our PAC board.
Q: Was Judge Devine given the opportunity to answer your questionnaire?
A: No, we do not go against incumbent candidates we have endorsed in the past so he was not given the questionnaire.
Q: So even if there is a better pro-life candidate based on what they have actually done in the pro-life community you don’t even consider endorsing or “certifying” them just because you have previously endorsed the incumbent candidate — is that what you are saying? Do you understand how absurd that is?
A: Yes, that is our PAC endorsement policy – the candidates we endorse would never trust us if we later endorsed another candidate that was running against them.
So, based on TRL endorsement policies — even if the Pope was running against Medina, this group would still choose to endorse Medina!! If this makes your blood boil (and it should) let Texas Right to Life know it:

Hat Tip to those who left snarky comments about the mislink to Texas Alliance for Life. I have updated and made the correction. Thank you!!

So what are “We The People” to do in this situation?

To begin with my family will continue to support and donate directly to strong Conservative Candidates directly. We will be working hard in the next couple of months to make sure that in the Run Off elections in July we get the strongest Solid Conservatives elected so that in the general election we have a true contrast to the Democrats.

Below are a list of Candidates I will be endorsing and working hard to get elected.

Ted Cruz

Justice John Devine

Donna Campbell 

Jeff Leach 

Wes Riddle  

Stephanie Klick 

Greg Parker

Help me add to my list. Post a comment with link to your local run-off race information:


As we enter this important election year, our voices must unite in defense of preborn American citizens who cannot defend themselves.

Please join the movement, sign the petition, and Rise Up for Life.



Grab your Tea and Follow me! It’s a Peaceful Revolution!

Join The Fight! Be A Part Of The Solution! 



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6 Responses to “Power and Control~ Whose got it: Establishment or We The People?~ UPDATED”

  1. Wayne Arendsee Says:

    Not speaking officially for the group, but a whole lot of us in 912FTW like Greg Parker for Railroad Commissioner in the runoff against Smitherman.

  2. William James Wynne Says:

    Glen Bucy for Tarrant County Constable, Pct. 6

    Susan McCoy for 153rd District Court in Tarrant County. mccoyforjudge.com

  3. Brenda Shepherd Says:

    Great job, Alice! It was so difficult to listen to Dewhurst at the RNC for Life luncheon, as it is anywhere.
    We do need to speak loudly to get these Rinos out of our party and hold others to true conservative principles and policy.
    This will help Romney as well to see the light and hopefully respond as a true conservative.
    Locally, in city of Denton runoffs, its exactly as I have been saying for a few years-if conservatives do not stand strong to party principles, the liberals will slip in and take over because there is not enough contrast.

  4. William James Wynne Says:

    If the 912ftw group still had a PAC, we would endorse Gregory Parker for RR Commish.

    Alice, your allegation that someone in the We Texans booth called the TEA Parties of Texas folks the “Canton Flea Market” is serious.

    If that is a fact, and I don’t doubt that it is, please verify by providing hard evidence.

  5. Bob Lacy Says:

    Along with your great list of conservative candidates, Angela Dowdle is in a runoff for the 33rd district attorney position, which includes Burnet, Blanco, San Saba and Llano counties. Her opponent was recruited by the establishment, and did not live in the area til he decided to run for office. Angela is from here, and her family is several generations of folks from this area. She spoke at our Spicewood Tea Party meeting, and she will support our conservative values. Her opponent will be a “go along to get along” guy !!!

  6. Vetting Texas Supreme Court Judge David Media ~ Conclusion, Vote John Devine | Voices Empower Says:

    […] Court. We also need to look at exactly why the establishment Republicans and organizations like Texas Alliance for Life are endorsing David Medina over John Devine who is clearly the strongest pro-life Conservative […]

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