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Politifact runs cover for Obama, will Willie Nelson?

Once again great insight from Weston Hicks with the Agenda Wise Reports.com Team. 

What will Willie Do?

My question is will Willie change his mind about Obama after this and support a Republican in 2012?  


Will Willie Nelson?

Politifact runs cover for Obama

August 23, 2011 | By Weston Hicks

Gardner Selby of Politifact provided a perfect example of why Politifact are political hacks.

The Obama Administration was behind an awful law proposal, one requiring any farmer who crosses a road to have a commercial driver’s license. That may not jump off the page to the average American, but if you farm in Iowa and cross lonely highways in your tractor to get to the rest of your land, you understand how stupid it is for community organizers in Washington DC to meddle in Iowa farming law.

The Obama Administration tried to get this stinker off the table at the last minute, issuing a press release on August 10th, ahead of the national focus that comes with the August 13th Straw Poll.

However, it had already been the source of a thousand conversations in the Iowa farm community. That the Obama Administration ever pushed this proposal is enough to prove their incompetence to Iowa farmers. Iowa farmers are grateful the Obama Administration displayed such bad timing, since Iowa Straw Poll attention is what really killed the proposal.

The proposal, dead or not, serves as a symbol of federal incompetence in local issues, a strong conservative issue this election cycle. As a result, expect conservative candidates to talk about it.

Like good liberal soldiers, Politifact came in after the fact and called Republicans liars for citing the issue. After all, the Obama Administration tried a last ditch effort to hurry the issue off the stage, saying the proposal was being abandoned. Politifact pretended it’s continued viability was the only newsworthy thing about the proposed law.

In truth, Politifact exists to call conservatives liars, the more important the conservative and the issue, the better. Everything else they do facilitates that, including occasionally calling liberals liars (useless liberals, most times) over meaningless things, as they sometimes do.

Link to Gardner Selby Politi-hackjob

Could Willie Support an American with Family Farmer’s values….. 

 What would Willie Do!!


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