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Patrick Caddell ~ Brilliant? I think so……

Patrick Caddell

After reading today’s article by Patrick Caddell and Doug Schoen in Politico I once again realize what a gift it is that I have had the opportunity to meet Patrick, and get to know him. He truly sees and can articulate what so many of us can not. I urge you to read his article and decide what you are going to do next……..

As for me I believe the power belongs to the people. Until the passive majority of Americans stop buying the propaganda they are being fed by the political elite and the media who are in their back pocket we will not be a safe and secure nation. It does not matter what party is in power. In addition I will not just follow blindly leaders of grassroots groups or organizations. Just because someone looks and sounds good does not mean they represent me. Texas TINO ~ Tea Party Leader In Name Only

I will follow leaders who stand on conviction and know that it is not about them. It is about “We The People”. I would recommend strongly that if Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate that he give Rick Santorum a seat at the table because he does represent my families voice.

I would encourage anyone who can make it to the True The Vote National Summit in Houston on April 27th and 28th that you do so. Patrick Caddell will be one of the Keynote speakers and we have a lot to learn from him. You will find the link below.

The empty election

By Patrick H. Caddell and Douglas E. Schoen

Mitt Romney listens to questions at a campaign stop in Illinois this past March. | AP Photo

Photo Courtsey of the AP

What has happened to the 2012 campaign?

This should be the most important election of our lifetime. But it’s clear that something is seriously wrong. How can we be having such an underwhelming, uninspiring and irrelevant election campaign at such a critical juncture?

Never before have voters people had more opportunities to participate in the political conversation; share and disseminate information, and speak directly to our political leaders. Yet the dialogue coming from both parties is as dysfunctional and corrosive as it has ever been in a campaign.

This has been a relentlessly nasty, divisive and vapid race. The only way to achieve victory has been through negative advertising — where the candidates play a secondary role to Super PACs.

The result has been a declining level of confidence, both domestic and international, about our leadership role. Our political system, once the ideal, is now a subject of widespread ridicule.

The very fact that 2012 is being carried out as if it were no different from any other election, at an extraordinary moment — when profound international challenges loom, and serious national crises have gone unaddressed — speaks to the ultimate disconnect between the people and their elected leaders.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0412/75084.html#ixzz1rvvXtTwn


Heidi Thiess for State Rep. Voices Empower Proudly endorses Heidi Thiess for Texas State Rep.

The Texas Republican convention process is now underway. Please do not let this opportunity pass you by. Some counties are holding precinct conventions and others are not.  Attending the precinct convention is the first step in the convention process so it is important for you to attend.

Most counties are bypassing the precinct conventions and holding either the Senatorial District Convention (larger urban areas) or County Convention either on Saturday, April 14 or Saturday, April 21.

It is important that many of you become delegates to the Republican Party of Texas Convention in Fort Worth, June 7-9, 2012, so you must participate in the earlier processes in order to qualify to become a delegate.

Bring a neighbor or friend and GET INVOLVED!! 
Blockwalking -- Voter Outreach
Bill Zedler State Rep. District 96

Voices Empower proudly endorses State Rep. House District 96

Bill Zedler 

Grab your Tea and Follow me! It’s a Peaceful Revolution!

Join The Fight! Be A Part Of The Solution! 


2012 Summit invite
Voices Empower will be at the 2012 True The Vote National Summit. Will You?

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