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Pat Caddell says…”they are opening the door for another answer”

Former Jimmy Carter pollster Pat Caddell says, “they are opening the door for another answer.” Who was he talking about, “the Political Class!”

Pat has said in the past that the “political class has an  inability to understand the will and the attitudes of the American people.”

While I agree with  many Conservatives that a 3rd Party is not the way to go, if the establishment Republicans don’t wake up and realize they are the problem as well the American people won’t give them another chance. In that respect he is right. We have seen it in Texas first hand. There is no difference between the damage done by Democrats and Republicans Joe Straus and David Dewhurst. They are not on our side even though they are Republicans, they’re  on the side of who ever will fund their campaigns,  IE,Bob Perry and Charles Butts.  That is why it is so important that we work hard to take out the “Rino Republicans” in the primary.

The real election in Texas is March of 2012.

Hat tip: Real Clear Politics.

Patrick Caddell takes on Obama and the “Political Class”

While we are talking about Rino Republicans be sure and remind Texas State Reps they should not Pledge support to Speaker Joe Straus in 2013 in return for campaign donations from special interest groups supported by Bob Perry. Watch this video and you will understand why this is so important. Then be a Conservative Information Pusher and Aggregate and Disseminate this article!!

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