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Operation ~ Educate Your Local School Board

Calling on Moms, Dads, Grandparents and local tax paying citizens to reach out and educate their local school board members on the real impact of  Type 2 Collectivist Common Core  philosophy of education that is indoctrinating instead of educating our children.   

Seek TruthThe reason we do not want Type 2 Collectivist  is because it is a philosophy of education that has been proven to hurt our children and is dangerous to our nation.  See below for proof. In Texas we now know that CSCOPE is indeed a Type 2 Common Core that came in the back door. Please read CSCOPE – How Did Texas Get Here?
The easiest way to understand it is using Donna Garner’s description.  Traditional Type 1 and Collectivist Type 2 philosophy’s of education are currently in a battle over the hearts and minds of our children. Type 2 is spreading across our nation very quickly and many are being deceived. 
Type 1 is the method of teaching that people perhaps 50 years old and older experienced when they were in school.  This included the teaching of phonics, grammar, correct usage/spelling, cursive handwriting, classical literature, expository/persuasive/research writing, the four math functions taught to automaticity, fact-based and discreet courses in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Calculus, U. S. History, World History, Botany, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.   
Type 2 Philosophy of Education — Project-based, subjective (emphasize cognitive domain – beliefs, opinions, emotions), subjectively assessed based upon the value system of the evaluator — emphasize multiculturalism, political correctness,  environmental extremism, diversity, social justice agenda  — These standards are built backwards from Grade 12 down to K (similar to trying to build a house from the roof down) and are taught mostly using the constructivist (project-based) approach. 
What are the RESULTS OF TYPE #1 
  • If we want our public school children to learn to read well, we must have Type #1.


  • If we want them to be able to speak and write English well, then we must have Type #1.


  • If we want them to be patriotic citizens who revere the Founding Fathers and know and honor the Constitution, then we must have Type #1.


  • If we want our graduates to be knowledgeable voters who know history and can analyze current events based upon the past and the present, then we must have Type #1.


  • If we want our public school children to know their math facts to automaticity, then we must have Type #1.


  • If we want our public school children to be able to do well in foreign languages, then we must have Type #1 that teaches the phonetic sound system and grammar/usage in English so that they can apply that to their foreign language learning.


  • If we want our public school children to read the great pieces of literature that have connected our country to past generations, then we must have Type #1.


  • If we want our public school children to have the skills and knowledge they need for college and/or the workplace, then we must have Type #1.


  • If we want to turn out scientists who are well read, logical, analytical, and who can write down their scientific conclusions, then we must have Type #1.


  • If we want our graduates to be able to write compositions built upon facts and persuasive techniques, then we must have Type #1.


  • If we want our high-school students to know how to research a topic and then put that information into well-written text, we must have Type #1.


  • If we want legislators who are well read and who have a deep understanding of world history/American history/U. S. legal system and how those apply to current events, then we must have Type #1.


Your childs educationWhat are the results of Type 2 Progressive Education used in CSCOPE and Common Core

It is has been proven that the developers of Common Core Type 2 philosophy namely Linda Darling Hammond have a history of failure in education. Charter Extension Denied to Low-Scoring Stanford School
Even education experts on the left have been writing and warning about the failure of people like Linda Darling Hammond. From Witney Tilson 
“Obama’s disappointing choice of Linda Darling-Hammond to be one of his education advisors
As an Obama supporter, I was very disappointed to learn that he recently picked Linda Darling-Hammond to be one of his education policy advisors.”
Normally, a low-quality charter school being denied a full extension of its charter isn’t worth of a STOP THE PRESSES, but this isn’t just any charter school: it’s the one started by Stanford’s School of Education (where my father earned a doctorate, by the way) and, in particular, Linda Darling-Hammond, author of the infamous Teach for America. LDH (along with Ravitch, Meier, and Kozol) is among the best known of your typical ed school, loosey-goosey, left-wing, politically correct, ivory tower, don’t-confuse-me-with-the-facts-my-mind’s-made-up, disconnected-from-reality critics of genuine school reform.  (Forgive my bluntness, but I can’t stand ideological extremists of any persuasion, especially when kids end up getting screwed.)
As you can tell from Obama supporter Whitney Tilson  is not happy with this failure in education of American children. 
The clear reason not to use Type 2 Collectivist Common Core philosophy  is that the developers of common core have a record of failure while traditional methods of education have a history of American exceptionalism it is that simple.  



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