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Online For Life Saves another Child – Blessings are abundant!

I wanted to share with all of you a story of life and the amazing work being done by Online for Life


Here is an excerpt from an e-mail I received from by good friend Jeff Bradford…..

“We are celebrating 118 lives saved today!! Many of you know that Tricia and I have been giving our time and treasures to help an incredible organization that is making a difference in the fight to save babies! I wanted you to know that we are winning and lives are being saved! The baby in this picture below would not have been born if it had not been for the life saving work of Online for Life and Kathy Hill! Today, the couple has not only chosen life for their child, but they are getting married, and raising this beautiful baby! 

This is why Online for LIfe exists, we have to change the culture back to valuing life.” 
Below is an August 29, 2011 Letter from Executive Director of Frisco pregnancy center:
Many of you know about the Online For Life call we received in February from a young man in Wichita Falls.  God used our center to talk this young man into going to a local pregnancy center when we realized that he lived 2 1/2 hours outside of our area.  The young man and his ex girlfriend were at an abortion facility.  This was on a Wednesday.  They had just scheduled an abortion to take place on Saturday.  After speaking the TRUTH to this young man about abortion, he agreed to go for a sonogram with his ex girlfriend.  
They decided they would parent instead of abort.  They were not together but still wanted to be good parents to the baby.  That baby was born on August 13th.  I had the great honor of meeting Baby “A” and her precious parents.  They are back together and will be wed sometime in December.  Praise God for opportunities like this, that OFL brings.  I have attached pictures of the baby and the parents.  There are two pictures of me holding this precious one.  I was fine when I met the parents, but, when I picked up the baby, I could not stop the tears!!!!

To all of you at Online For Life.  Keep up the good work.  Fight the good fight and believe that HE will provide all that is needed to keep OFL going.
          Much love and thankfulness to you all. K
Katharine Hill –LifeTalk Resource Center

This baby was saved because of Online for Life!  But thousands more are still at risk!         

Friends, you can help save babies by supporting Online for Life.
 For just $1.00 a day you can help connect a woman in crisis to a Christ-centered pregnancy resource center. 
·        You can help her get an ultrasound picture of her baby! 
·        You can help her see her baby! 
·        You can give her the incentive to save her baby.  
For just $30 a month, you can save babies.   Now. Here is where to start…. Online forLife

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