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Online for Life – Great PR from the Progressive Left

Online for Life- Rescuing pre-born babies from abortion using the Internet

Great news from my good friend Jeff Bradford at Online for Life. IF you feel so inclined be sure click the photo to the right and donate to this great organization.

Online for Life is getting some media attention from a recent article in Life News. The article that appeared in Life News about us has gone viral and the liberal press has picked it up and naturally given its own view point. 
As Chad Hennings wisely commented in an email to Brian after reading a few of the liberal articles, “I should have ducted taped my head before reading the Daily Kos articles, my head just exploded!” 
The original article is here:

Online for Life: This Ad Could Save a Baby From Abortion

Some of the sources that picked it up with their own “treatment”
The irony is that two of these sites are huge (daily kos and thinkprogress) and they link to us in their articles.  That helps our rankings on all of the search engines.  We already appear number 13 or 14 on Google for the keyword “pro life” but this will most likely push us up even farther.
Reading these articles might make you frustrated, but two more babies were saved in Frisco today! We are now up to 44 babies and ready to really grow. I am working hard to bring in more funds to save so many more lives! Thank you all for your support!!
For Life!

View today’s daily impact report or watch this video to learn more:


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