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OK Parents if you are not Outraged, You are not Paying Attention; Dan Savage

Are you sending your children to school to get and education to help them be competitive in the working world as a productive American?

Well what exactly are you getting for your money.

 The great secret is out: Liberals dominate campuses, and they have your tax dollars. 

Dan Savage, the creator of the two-year-old It Gets Better Project, which encourages teens struggling with same-sex attractions to embrace homosexuality, was invited to give a keynote address at the JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention.

Savage is also the man who is known for cyber-bullying Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum. 

 “Dan Savage is not “blunt” he is debased. Savage has perpetrated digital slander and defamation against Rick Santorum. By launching what he calls “google bombs” – which are vile, obscene and intended to do harm – he is also engaged in cyberbullying.” 

Don’t believe it? Watch this. Editors Note: Vile and foul language  Dan Savage’s New Threat to Rick Santorum

At the JEA/NSPA convention students were expecting Savage to talk about bullying. But they also got an earful about birth control, sex, and Savage’s opinions on the Bible. Again Editors Note: Vile and foul language

So do your kids watch MTV~ do you know what they are watching?

Are your kids in College? They are after them in a big way and your dollars are paying for it.

MTV has a show  called “Savage U” a “campaign to promote promiscuity on college campuses.” The question and answer show, which follows Savage as he visits college campuses around the country, deals with all aspects of relationships, not just sex.

MTV defended the show in a statement to ABCNews.com, saying “The intent of ‘Savage U’ is to promote an honest discussion around love, relationships and sex, encouraging college students to make informed choices and to do what’s right for them.” 

REALLY! As I said before~  “OK Parents if you are not Outraged, You are not Paying Attention”


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