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Perhaps the best movie on Christian commitment ever made: A scene from "Of Gods and Men." Sony Pictures Classic

I wanted to share with you an excerpt from Rich Lowry’s article

Tale of heroic faith Living witness: ‘Gods and Men’

“In March 1996, an Islamic terrorist group kidnapped seven French Trappist monks from their remote monastery in Tibhirine, Algeria. They were held for two months, then beheaded.

At the heart of this atrocity is a tale of heroic faith, steadfastness and love, captured in the sublime film “Of Gods and Men.” It is perhaps the best movie on Christian commitment ever made.”

I always find it fascinating to read and listen to commentaries from people I respect on films and issues I am interested in. “Of Gods and Men” is no different. I think you will find Fr. Barron’s commentary very poignant and interesting just like Rich Lowry’s.  Especially in a time when in America we are having to face the facts about the Islamic Radical infiltration into our own communities.


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