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Norm Adams and Steve Hotze are at it again~ Immigration

Reported today from the Texas Republican Convention!

The 2010 “Immigration”section of the Republican Party Platform has been removed and now contains the Norm Adams/Steve Hotze Rino Language that allows cover for any Pro-Amnesty, Open Borders, Free Flow Human Trafficking vote.

Here is a reminder of why Norm Adams and Steve Hotze are: When Republicans Deceive: Pay for Play~ Steve Hotze is Not A Conservative Republican

Get ready Tea Party Grassroots Delegates and Alternates~
We must move, during voting on the Platform to replace the 2012 Proposed Language with the 2010 language.


This is a fight worth fighting for!!

WHY is this a problem for Texans besides the fact that we do not have the funds to provide social services for Mexican citizens. ~ It is not only Hispanics who are coming into our State through our virtually open borders. This is a National Security Issue!! 

While border security is indeed a federal issue, the interior enforcement of the rule of law is very much a state matter. It is the constitutional responsibility of a state to protect the life, liberty, and property of its citizens and legal residents.” ~ JoAnn Fleming

It seems as though David Dewhurst and Gov. Perry have many of the same financial backers, so it is no surprise that Gov. Perry has come out so strongly in favor of David Dewhurst. But let’s take a look at what it is these financial backers have in common…….

Did you know that it was not only the Democrats who stopped the Texas Anti-Sanctuary Cities Legislation during the 82nd legislative session. That’s right it was Texas’ largest Republican donors and now we find that all the key players who Killed the Sanctuary Cities Bill in the 2011 session arebacking David Dewhurst. 

Neal Jones of Hill Co Partners who lobbied against Sanctuary Cities Legislation in Texas is backing David Dewhurst.

Charles Butt CEO of HEB and killer of Sanctuary Cities in Texas is backing David Dewhurst.

Bob Perry the home builder key player in supporting PAC that stopped the Sanctuary Cities Legislation is backing David Dewhurst.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear what Grassroots and Tea Party people think about the job David Dewhurst and the Texas Leadership have done. Watch this video and get the real story on the Texas Budget and the effect of illegal Immigration on our state.
JoAnn Fleming, Chair – Advisory Committee to the TEA Party

Why should the sanctuary cities issue matter to you?  

1) Sanctuary cities can harbor illegals that represent a national security threat.  Those who are a threat to this country naturally gravitate to places where they feel safest from the rule of law.

2) Sanctuary cities harbor people who are a threat to the lives of citizens and legal immigrants.  Too many law enforcement officers, citizens, and legal immigrants have lost their lives at the hands of illegals.  See the Remembrance Project  website: http://theremembranceproject.org/Sanctuary

3) Sanctuary cities are strong magnets for those who come here to exploit the social safety net for free health care and all manner of taxpayer-funded government hand-outs.  These sanctuaries are magnets for those who want to work under the radar, and they enable businesses that want to employ cheap labor.

4) Sanctuary cities allow Mexico and other foreign countries to exploit the United States and our lack of enforcement of the rule of law.


As we enter this important election year, our voices must unite in defense of preborn American citizens who cannot defend themselves.

Please join the movement, sign the petition, and Rise Up for Life.



Grab your Tea and Follow me! It’s a Peaceful Revolution!

Join The Fight! Be A Part Of The Solution! 



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