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Bob Deuell “No More Mr. Nice Guy”

By Jan Shedd

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Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Matthew 7:15

I have been active in the Tea Party movement for 3 years, and was involved in the Bob Hall for Texas Senate District 2 campaign.  I and many others worked hard to help Bob meet the considerable challenge of an unknown Tea Partier wresting the Republican nomination from a well known & well funded incumbent.  The focus of our efforts was to debunk the myth that Senator Robert Deuell was a conservative.  Bob told us from day-one that the campaign against Deuell was to be clean. There would be no name calling or character assassination.  We were to stick to the issues alone.  This made our job much harder, but we rose to the challenge, presented the facts, and proved our case to anyone who would listen.

Throughout my experience on the Hall campaign, I spoke with many people.  Both supporters and detractors of Deuell said the same thing, and I heard it often, “Dr./Senator Deuell is a nice guy.”  Many Hall supporters said that they really liked and respected him, but disagreed with his voting record.  I met and spoke to him once.  He seemed nice enough to me.  I have heard that he tells people his is a Christian.

However, something has happened that should put to bed the notion that Bob Deuell is a nice guy.  Before I reveal what it is, I need to lay some groundwork.  Senate candidates must have lived in the state for a minimum of 5 years. Candidate applications include residency questions.  Bob Hall inadvertently gave an incorrect answer on the number of years he had lived in Texas.  He has lived here for 10 years.  The oversight indicated that he had been here for less than 3.  He submitted the application to GOP Headquarters in Austin, unaware of his mistake. It is the responsibility of that office to review each application, and make sure that everything is in order.  He was told in December that it was satisfactory.  He checked with them again in early March, and again he was told that everything was good. It was not.

There are two scenarios here, both of which expose Bob Deuell for the unscrupulous politician that he is:

First Scenario

The “oversight” of Hall’s state residency error was intentional, and communicated to the Deuell campaign.  Upon learning of the error, Deuell sat on it until the March 9th deadline.  Late that afternoon, he contacted the GOP office, and filed a challenge based on insufficient state residency.  On the same day at 5 p.m., Republican headquarters in Austin called Hall’s home and left a message on his answering machine, telling him his application had been challenged by Deuell, and he had 1 hour to correct it.  Bob was told several days later that faxes and emails are not accepted, meaning that he would have had to have submitted a correct application IN Austin in 1 hour, (by the 6 p.m. deadline).  This was humanly impossibly, naturally.

 Second Scenario

The GOP oversight of Hall’s state residency error was an honest mistake.  The Deuell campaign obtained a copy of the application and went over it carefully.  They found the error and kept it quiet until the last minute.  Sometime in the late afternoon of the last day, he challenged the application.  Not because Hall hasn’t lived in Texas long enough, but because he didn’t meet the 6:00 deadline, he has been declared ineligible, and his campaign is over.

I will leave to my readers to decide if the GOP office truly missed the error (twice), or if they were somehow complicit in this dirty trick.  Short of an independent investigation, we will never know.

Throughout the campaign, we have seen no Deuell signs anywhere.  Out of 12 candidate forums, he only showed up for 4.  At those forums, people were taken aback at his indifference, aloofness, and emotionally flat demeanor.  Instead of addressing his liberal voting record, he talked about playing drums-now there’s a hot button issue!  If you have heard Bob Hall speak, you know that he does so with great conviction.  The contrast in presentation was dramatic, which left us scratching our heads.  “Doesn’t Deuell want to win?”  “Doesn’t he realize how repeatedly not showing up for forums makes him look?”  Being new to the process, it never dawned on us that the fix was in.  Deuell knew all along that he was running unopposed. Talk about disenfranchising voters!

Where does this leave us?  Now we have two myths to debunk.  One, that Deuell is a conservative, and two, that he’s a nice guy.  Bob Deuell is a big tax-and-spender, a radical environmentalist, a suck-up to political correctness, a shady politician, and an embarrassment to the voters of District 2.  This fiasco illustrates how deeply Deuell is immersed in Austin’s culture of corruption.

Regrettably, we are stuck with him for another term, but his treachery will not be forgiven or forgotten.  Power must be taken away from corrupt politicians and returned to the people.  Rather than being discouraged, our resolve has hardened.   Deuell is at the top of the RINO Removal List and in the next election, an army will rise to vote him out of office.  After all-you reap what you sow, and hell hath no fury like District 2 voters scorned.

Jan SheddJan Shedd

Kaufman County Tea Party 



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2 Responses to “Bob Deuell “No More Mr. Nice Guy””

  1. Mary Huls Says:

    Bob Hall should not take this sitting down…he can publicize this far and wide, and he certainly can run in the general as an Independent and fight this guy to the end. This is the kind of cronyism that the citizenry is fed up with. We must make them understand how deeply seated the corruption is in Austin.

  2. Heidi Thiess Says:

    This scenario is a nightmare. What Duelle did is exactly what Obama did to disqualify opponents in his own primaries in Illinois. Duelle’s use of such cheap and tawdry tactics should disqualify him from every decent citizen’s vote. Furthermore, it is now exposed that Deuell knew he couldn’t win on his record OR on the issues. What a crook.

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