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Newt continues to Influence Peddle the Florida Tea Party

It is one thing for individuals to support a candidate of their choice and fight for them but what the Gingrich Campaign is doing is a desperate attempt to co-op the Tea Party name and live up to the¬†description¬†Romney¬†gave him; “Influence Peddler”. ¬†I have written about what happened in South Carolina Rick Santorum ‚Äď ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs the ‚Äúforcefulness,‚ÄĚ stupid!¬†and now it looks like Newt’s campaign is pulling out the same type of tactics in Florida.
Florida Tea Party Leaders Form Coalition for Newt Gingrich and Demand that Tea Party Nation Retract their Open Letter to Tea Party Members

These are cheap Political tactics that undermine America and what the Tea Party movment is all about and will backfire and expose what the voters in Iowa knew. The only real Conservatives in this race were Santorum and Bachmann. The case could be made for the Establishment Republicans that Newt should step down because he is¬†splitting¬†the moderate vote. ¬†After Florida when Newt loses then let’s duke it out between the moderate Mitt Romney and the True Consistent Conservative Rick Santorum. Then we must all come together and take on Obama!! Game On!!¬†

As my good friend Lisa Graas wrote

Since some Tea Party groups are getting behind Newt Gingrich, a man who supported everything they were against, they may not have a leg to stand on at all when the Left calls them racist. After all, if the individual mandate, cap and trade, and bailouts never *really* mattered, as Newt has supported all of those things, then what was the core reasoning for the Tea Party movement to begin with? That’s the big question. 

The Good news is the Tea Party movement is made up of individual people and voters and the majority of us  are tough, we are fighters, we are Patriots. We understand that now is our time to fight for our country and we want a leader who is a fighter. The poll linked below clearly shows that these 37 individuals do not represent the Tea Party in Florida or across the nation.

Florida Poll: Tea Party Supporters Like Rick Santorum Best

The 2,567 likely primary voters questioned by the Dixie Strategies/First Coast News Public Opinion Survey supported Gingrich with 35.46 percent while Romney had 35.08 percent.

The poll also reported that 76 percent of its respondents had a ‚Äúvery positive‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúsomewhat positive‚ÄĚ view of the tea party.¬†

Among voters who identify with the tea party movement, 31.3 percent had a ‚Äúvery positive‚ÄĚ view of Romney and 56.9 percent had a ‚Äúvery positive‚ÄĚ view of Gingrich.

But Rick Santorum racked up the biggest number, with 59.9 percent giving him a ‚Äúvery positive‚ÄĚ rating.¬†

Many Grassroots/ Tea Party members have taken a look at what is happening on the ground across the country and have chosen to take a stand, speak out and publicly endorse the True Consistent Conservative candidate.

Rick Santorum for President.

This is a petition for Tea Party/Grassroots for Rick Santorum . Join the movement! Sign now! Here is the proof!!

Rick Santorum Question and Answer Session with Tea Party Members at the Punta Gorda Tea Party Rally

If you are a member of any of the groups listed below I urge you to contact the leader listed and let them know you do not appreciate them selling out to the political establishment and allowing the Tea Party name to be  marginalized and used by a candidate who has  gone against everything the Tea Party movmement stands for by supporting a healthcare mandate, cap and trade, and bailouts. Now is the time to take a stand and be Bold!!

Coalition members include:

  • Patricia Sullivan, Patriot Army founder
  • Karin Hoffman, DC Works for US founder
  • Karena Morrison, State Advisory Team for GOOOH in Florida
  • Tom Gaitens, former state director for FreedomWorks
  • Sharon Calvert, Tampa Tea Party
  • Tom Tillison Central Orlando Tea Party Council
  • Juan C Torres, Latino American Tea Party
  • Mike Hill, NW Florida Tea Party
  • Alan Berkelhammer, Gainesville Tea Party
  • Alice Beutien, Putnam County Tea Party;
  • Audrey Rumsey, Hernando County Tea Party coordinator
  • Bob Knox, American Citizens League
  • Carol Knighton, Leesburg Regional Tea Party co-founder
  • Charlie Perez, Gilchrist County Tea Party
  • Deanna May Keystone Heights Tea Party
  • Diane Leone, St. Johns Tea Party
  • Don Anderson, Sarasota 912
  • Don Eaton, Conservative Liberty Alliance
  • Donna Hoak, Conservative Liberty Alliance
  • Eli Knighton, Conservative Liberty Alliance
  • Jerry Bell, DC Works for Us Broward
  • Ruth Bell, DC Works for Us Broward
  • Jesse Phillips, Restore America
  • Kay Eaton, Conservative Liberty Alliance
  • Ken Rabideau, Conservative Liberty Alliance
  • Letha Fadeley, Tea Party Manatee
  • Nancy Haynes, Hernando County Tea Party
  • Peter Lee, East Side Tea Party Orlando
  • Steve Norflus, Conservative Liberty Alliance
  • Steve Vernon, Tea Party Manatee
  • Steve Williams, Lake Area Tea Party
  • Terry Beutien, Putnam County Tea Party
  • Tom Nelson, Fort Walton Beach Tea Party
  • Tony Ledbetter, vice president, Volusia 912 Inc.
  • Steve Williams, Lake Area Tea Party
  • Vance Jochim, North Lake County Tea Party
  • Steve Norflus, Conservative Liberty Alliance
  • Steve Vernon, Tea Party¬†Manatee


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