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Matt Beebe must be “making Joe Straus and Bill Hammond sweat.”

By Donna Garner

Texas Lobbyist Bill Hammond

Photo courtesy of the Statesman

This is the “silly season” in politics when unethical candidates start releasing their lies. Rep. Joe Straus must be worried to have launched this attack today through his surrogate, Bill Hammond, a registered lobbyist from Austin.  Matt Beebe must be “making Joe Straus and Bill Hammond sweat.”

If Speaker of the House Joe Straus were to lose this election, Bill Hammond and the Texas Association of Business would lose their political clout and personal privilege.  According to The Texas Tribune ( Bill Hammond/TAB have spent large amounts of money to influence the legislature and their staffs.

I trust that the voters of HD 121 will do the right thing in the Republican primary by ousting Joe Straus and electing Matt Beebe as their candidate. 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE from the Beebe Campaign

May, 21st 2012



(San Antonio) Today Matt Beebe called out Joe Straus and his Austin lobbyist, Bill Hammond, to cease spreading false information regarding Mr. Beebe’s taxes.

On Friday BAC PAC, the campaign arm of Texas Association of Business, released an attack on Matt Beebe where they accused Beebe of operating businesses which had gone into tax foreclosure and forfeiture. The statement that Beebe had “operated both companies while he had forfeited their right to exist” is a blatant lie. 

Matt Beebe commented on this lie saying, “This is a blatant lie that was easily verifiable, had this lobbyist desired to use his clever Open Records Request to determine facts, instead of misrepresent them and smear me, my business, and the employees who rely upon my business for their livelihood.”

“It’s a shame that a lobbyist who claims to represent businesses could show such a blatant disregard for the truth regarding my successful small businesses. Bill Hammond has definitely tipped his hand on whom he serves. Perhaps he has spent a little too much time in Austin and should consider getting back into the private sector to remember the nuances of running a small business.”

“We demand an apology and an immediate retraction of this vicious slander.  I understand the need for Joe Straus to rely upon surrogates to spread lies given his pledge that his campaign ‘won’t tear down our opponent’, but even these sycophantic surrogates must be held to a basic standard of truth. While the details are complex, the truth is quite simple – we never improperly operated our businesses” Beebe concluded.

The truth is that Digitactics, Inc never transacted business as a Texas Corporation until 2012, even though it was founded in 2005 and allowed to go dormant when Mr. Beebe chose not to start his small business as originally planned.  After starting HEI Systems & Solutions LLC in 2007, and purchasing a struggling small business in July of 2011, it was decided – independently of Mr. Beebe’s eventual decision to run for office – that rolling up all business entities under the Digitactics trade-name effective 1 January 2012 was the appropriate strategic decision.  Initially the plan was to reincorporate under Digitactics, Inc, however the Comptroller’s office informed Mr. Beebe that the existing legal entity could be administratively cleared through the filing of additional paperwork, which subsequently occurred.

With respect to HEI Systems & Solutions LLC, in 2007 it was founded as a subsidiary corporation, and the parent-child relationship was incorrectly recorded by the Comptroller’s office.  Therefore when annual Public Information Reports and Franchise Tax filings were reported, they did not get aligned to the proper entity.  This was also subsequently cleared up.

Matt Beebe is a successful business owner in San Antonio. 


As we enter this important election year, our voices must unite in defense of pre-born American citizens who cannot defend themselves.

Please join the movement, sign the petition, and Rise Up for Life.



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    Hmmmm. A big donor to BACPAC is listed as Committee to Inform Voters on Issues and Candidates. They have the same address. Sounds like people could be moving some money around.

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