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Texas Harmony Science Centers Hurst, Texas

By Donna Garner

ACTION STEP:  All patriotic American taxpayers should be alarmed over the spread of the Islamist Gulen charter schools. Texans in particular need to contact all their Legislators and alert them to the safeguards (listed below) that must be placed in the charter school bills now making their way through the legislative process.

The free trips to Turkey and the campaign contributions given to our Texas Legislators by the Gulenists are highly troubling and leave taxpayers wondering how objective can our Legislators actually be about their votes on these charter school bills that financially enable the spread of Gulen charter schools.  Is this yet another example of “pay for votes”?  — Donna Garner



When the New York Times decides to do investigative journalism, they have the resources and staff to find things out that few others can discover.  I am sure you will want to go to this NYT link to view the photos and other graphics which will give you more of an understanding about the Gulen charter schools.  Charter Schools Tied to Turkey Grow in Texas

The NYT, however, also has shortcomings because of its left-leaning political bias that has kept their reporters from including very important aspects of the dangers of Fethullah Gulen and his Gulen charter schools.

Below the NYT article, I have posted links to other articles that explain the many dangers of Fethullah Gulen and his indoctrination of our nation’s youth into Islam, Sharia law, and anti-Americanism.

Fethullah Gulen is an Islamist imam who has been behind the successful efforts in Turkey to turn that country into an armed camp that is now anti-American.  Its security police force has been almost totally infiltrated by Gulenists, and Turkey is on the verge of joining up with the rest of the Muslim world against the United States and Israel.

As we speak, our Texas Legislature is in Special Session and is moving toward providing even more funding for Gulen charter schools.  A faithful few, such as Peyton Wolcott, are trying to convince Legislators to look more deeply into the financial “payoffs” that Gulen has given to elected officials.

Please go to this link to see who has taken free trips to Turkey and/or reaped huge campaign contributions from Gulen-controlled entities.  Is it any wonder that these Texas Legislators are promoting the establishment of more Gulen schools in our state? “THE ENVELOPE PLEASE”

Peyton Wolcott is presently leading an effort to force the Texas Legislature to include in its pro-charter-school bills three safeguards to protect the Permanent School Fund which by law in Texas is supposed to be used for students’ textbooks.  The Legislature is trying to take some of the PSF funds and make those dollars available for charter school bonds, including more Gulen charter schools.

Wolcott has made the case that all charter schools should (1) have to show proof of U. S. citizenship for board members (e.g., ISD trustees) and top administrators; (2) post online the names, titles, and bios of board and top administrators, and (3) post their checkbook registers online so that taxpayers will know how their tax dollars are being spent.

ACTION STEP:  If you are a fellow Texan, you must contact your legislators and alert them to the alarming content of this NYT article, to the links posted under the article, and to the safeguards that Wolcott and others are trying to get the Legislators to include in the charter school bills.


5.28.11 — “Return of Islamic College Raises New Questions” by David Lepeska –

 5.20.11 — “Feds Question Schools’ Visa Use: Federal Funds Used To Pay for Teachers’ Families” by Jennifer Smith Richards  – 

5.2011 – Harmony Science Academy, Cosmos Foundation: Evidence of Affiliation with the Gulen Movement” –

 5.1.11 “Frog in the Water”  by Donna Garner – 

4.19.11 — “Flood of Turkish Teachers Prompts Investigation: Witness Says Feds Looking into Islam-Influenced Network” World Net Daily –  

4.11.11 — “H-1B + K-12 = ? A First Look at the Implications of Foreign Teacher Recruitment” by David North

4.9.11 — “Harmony Charter” by Dr. Ed Fuller –  

4.5.11 – “Turkish Authorities Launch Raids To Censor Book before Publication

4.5.11 — “Texas: Land of Charters and Economic Opportunity” by Peyton Wolcott –

3.30.11 — “Is Fethullah Gulen Working for the CIA?” by Dr. Aland Mizell –

3.26.11 — “Gulen Is Indeed a Dangerous Man” by Donna Garner –

3.24.11 — “FBI Launches Investigation of Gulen and His Movement” by Paul L. Williams –

3.24.11 — “ FBI Investigation of Gulen Schools (a.k.a., Harmony Science Academies in Texas)” by Donna Garner, EducationNews.org  

Here is a YouTube (Parts 1 and 2) by a TV news station in Pennsylvania that tells of the FBI investigation of the Gulen schools in Pennsylvania and across the country:   



3.22.11 — “Young Scholars Charter School Faces Scrutiny over Ties with Islamic Leader” –   

2.10.11 — “Texas Senate Honors Islamist Imam, Fethullah Gulen” by Donna Garner – 

The Texas Senate passed SR 85 on Jan. 25, 2011.  Guess who was honored:  Fethullah Gulen.  “WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas is pleased to recognize Fethullah Gˇlen for his ongoing and inspirational contributions to the promotion of global peace and Understanding…”  

 The authors of SR 85 are Senators Lucio, Fraser, Huffman, Nelson, and Van de Putte

Now look at how this action by the Texas Senate was viewed by the people in Turkey.  This link is to a Turkish newspaper article that covered this “momentous” decision:  

3.3.11 — “7 More Journalists Detained in Turkey” by Sebnem Arsu –

10.17.10 — “TIZA, an Islamic Public School, Threatens and Intimidates Witnesses in ACLU Lawsuit” –

8.16.10 — “Fethullah Gulen: Infiltrating the U.S. Through Our Charter Schools?” by Guy Rodgers of Act! for America –

3.29.10 — “Islamist Gülen Movement Runs U.S. Charter Schools” by Stephen Schwartz –



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