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Looks like Straus is campaigning for Speaker~ Meaning it is not a shoe in!

As reported on Ramparts360

Look what’s popping up in Austin

Looks like Joe Straus is Campaigning for Speaker of the house.


Burbmom sez:

“I’ve seen a couple of cars with this bumper sticker. The bottom line says “speaker of the house”. It’s on a Prius… This has to be the first time in recorded history a bumper sticker campaign is being waged for the Texas Speaker’s race!” 

What is interesting to note is that the People of Texas especially those Primary voters had a different message for the Texas State Reps. at the State Convention. This is the bumper sticker everyone had. 

Oust Straus

Texans even wore them on their clothes to make sure that the elected State Reps. who work for the people knew they did not want Joe Straus re-elected as Speaker of the Texas House. 

They even walked out of the RPT Convention to let the State Reps. know they did not want Speaker Straus re-elected.  At some point you would hope that the State Reps. who vote for the Speaker get the message. If they vote for Speaker Straus again this legislative session there will be consequences. 

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!


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