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Locations of Alinsky Inspired Community Organizations in the United States

Below is follow up information from a great site; Lay Catholics National Association of American Laity

This is why we must get educated and fight the good fight as Lay Catholics

In the last post entitled “Six Community Organizations That Must Be Extricated From Catholic Dioceses And Churches” it was stated that a spreadsheet would be published on the organizaton’s locations.  Below is the spreadsheet showing the community organizations state by state and internationally.  If one of these groups is in your state, go to their website to see if they have an affiliate/chapter in your diocese or city.  Then go to the affiliate’s/chapter’s website to see what Catholic churches it is in.


1.  Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF)  www.industrialareasfoundation.org
2.  Gamaliel  www.gamaliel.org
3.  People Improving Communities through Organizing (PICO) www.piconetwork.org
4.  Direct Action & Research Training (DART)  www.thedartcenter.org
5.  Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ)  www.iwj.org
6.  USAction  www.usaction.org

 From the Acton Lecture Series please don’t miss the opportunity to get educated on who we are in the battles against.

“Saul Alinsky — the father of modern “community organizing” — rejoiced that corruption empowers. Decades after Alinsky’s death his ideas and teaching continue to shape the American political and social landscape. Barack Obama’s first job in Chicago was as an “organizer” for an Alinsky group; Hillary Clinton’s undergraduate thesis was written on Alinsky’s precepts; contemporary organizations from the notorious ACORN to the Catholic-Church-supported United for Power and Justice are among Alinsky’s progeny. Morris’ lecture supplies an overview of Alinksy’s thinking and shows its application in current events.” 


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