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Latest News From the Texas House Floor from IRCOT



First, you must know that Your calls are making a huge difference! 

 There is one Critical Action Item yet to take & an Adjustment to make your calls.  

 First, an Update on HB 3252   E-Verify:

 The paperwork has not yet been received from the State Affairs Committee!  This is the kind of situation where bills die, but politicians think they have cover because taxpayers don’t know to ask.  Please call the Committee office; let them know YOU WANT THE PAPERWORK MOVED TO THE CALENDARS COMMITTEE AS A #1 PRIORITY!  IT MUST MOVE IMMEDIATELY OR IT WILL DIE.

 State Affairs Committee Office 512-463-0814

 Second,  We’ve been asked by Chairman Hunter to be sure and include the rest of the Committee in your calls.  Their phone numbers are listed below.  

 When you Call the Calendars Committee Members, Tell them you want them to vote YES for HB 3252 E-Verify, and Yes for HB 301 English as Offcial Language.

 Calendars Committee: 


Rep. Todd Hunter (512) 463-0672

Vice Chair:

Rep. Dennis Bonnen (512) 463-0564


Rep. Dan Branch  (512) 463-0367

Rep. Byron Cook  (512) 463-0730

Rep. Charlie Geren (512) 463-0610

Rep. Jim Keffer  (512) 463-0656

Rep. Lois W. Kolkhorst (512) 463-0600

Rep. Burt R. Solomons (512) 463-0478

Rep. Vicki Truitt (512) 463-0690

Rep. John Zerwas (512) 463-0657

Rep. Garnet Coleman (512) 463-0524

Rep. Tracy O. King (512) 463-0194

Rep. Eddie Lucio III (512) 463-0606

Rep. Allan Ritter (512) 463-0706

Rep. Eddie Rodriguez (512) 463-0674



HB 911 was added as an amendment to HB 274 Loser Pay Bill AND IT WAS PASSED OUT OF THE HOUSE THIS AFTERNOON!

With time running out on all House Bills, Rep. Harvey Hilderbran brought up Rep. Leo Berman’s HB 911 as an amendment to HB 274. Amendment #6 passed on a record vote of 112-Yeas, 31-Nays, 2- Present, not voting. 

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  1. jeff estep Says:

    Wow i was hoping to find the latest inside scoop. Hey what about hb 12 Sanctuary cities? Im watching the house floor when i can on the web. Im calling as much as I can and going to local offices when I pass by. Im Jeff and Im mad as ___. You know what I mean right?

    Nice to meet you Alice.

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