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Knowledge is Power ~ Speaker of the House Candidate Bryan Hughes will join the team from Argyle Victory 2012 and Beyond on Mon. Oct. 8th

Argyle Victory 2012 and Beyond

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You are  invited to join us Monday Oct. 8th for an important opportunity to be an educated constituent. The Argyle Victory 2012 and Beyond Team is excited to announce the Texas Speaker of the House Candidate Bryan Hughes will be joining us  at Papis Grill 421 U.S. 377 Argyle, Tx 76226 6:30 pm

As a group our primary goal is to educate, motivate and inspire our fellow citizens to actively participate in the political process. We would like to provide the opportunity for our group and anyone who would like to join us to be more informed on what  qualifies Representative Bryan Hughes to be the Texas Speaker of the House. We have also invited Speaker Straus but he declined the invitation.  While we understand that the Speaker is elected by the State Representatives we would like to provide our State Rep. a clear voice from the people on who he should be voting for. In order to be informed constituents we believe this information should come straight from the candidates. We are looking forward to a great night. Come Join us!! 
The speakers race was opened to the public after a lawsuit represented by the Liberty Institute. The 2011 Speaker Showdown was the first in which Texans have participated in over 35 years. 
We hire people through elections to represent us. Our job is to be an educated constituent. 

Texas Speaker of the House Candidate Bryan Hughes

Bryan Hughes was born and raised in East Texas. He worked his way through college, becoming the first member of his family to receive a Bachelor’s degree. From there he went on to Baylor University, where he earned his law degree. As a small business owner, he knows about hard work and the value of a dollar.

Elected to the Texas House in 2002 in his first run for office, he unseated a twelve-year  incumbent Democrat. Since then, he has been reelected by increasing margins.


 • Three time Recipient of Taxpayer Champion Award – Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

• 2011 Pro-Life Whip – Texas Right to Life

• Conservative Ratings Honor Roll – Young Conservatives of Texas

• “A” Rated – National Rifle Association & Texas State Rifle Association

• Fighter for Free Enterprise – Texas Association of Business

• Defender of the American Dream – Americans for Prosperity

• 2005 Horizon Award – Texas Right to Life

• Board of Directors – Texas Conservative Coalition


• The majority of Texans want real spending and budget reforms, strong pro-life legislation, effective border security and illegal immigration measures, and local control and efficiency in our public schools.

• Your Republican super-majority in the Texas House shares these goals.  With decisive, conservative leadership in the House, we can deliver for the people of Texas.

• Bryan Hughes. A Conservative Speaker for a Conservative Texas House.




2006 – Voted against creation of the Margins Tax (HB 3, Third Called Session).

2007 – Authored and passed legislation requiring all state spending to be posted online in a searchable database (House Bill 3430). 2003, 2007, 2009, 2011 – Filed or co-authored legislation to limit the growth of government to population growth plus inflation (HB 133, HJR 53, HB 994, HB 380, HJR 42, HJR 70).

PRO-lIFE 2003 – Co-Authored the Woman’s Right to Know Act, giving women all the facts and a 24 hour waitingperiod before they choose an abortion (HB 15). 2003 – Co-Authored the Prenatal Protection Act, recognizing there are two victims when a pregnant woman and her unborn child are killed (HB 246).2005 – Voted to strengthen Texas’s ban on third-trimester abortions (SB 419). 2011 – Co-Authored the Sonogram Bill (HB 15). 2011 – Led the fight to de-fund Planned Parenthood and to keep Texans’ tax dollars from paying for abortions (HB 1, SB 7).
LAWSUIT REFORM 2003 – Voted for the most comprehensive tort reform in Texas history (HB 4). 2005 – Joint-Authored legislation to prevent frivolous lawsuits against food providers (HB 107). 2011 – Voted to reform the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (HB 3, First Called Session).
PRO-FAMILY & LIBERTY 2003 – Co-Authored the bill that put prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance back in our schools (HB 793).2003 – Co-Authored the Defense of Marriage Act, defining marriage as between one man and one woman (HB 38). 2003 – Filed and passed legislation requiring the study of the Declaration of Independence and theConstitution in our public schools (HB 1776). 2005 – Co-Authored the Amendment that put the Defense of Marriage Act in our Texas Constitution (HJR 6). 2007 – Co-Authored the bill putting Bible study back in our schools (HB 1287).


2003 – Co-Authored the bill giving Texas Concealed Handgun License holders reciprocal rights in more states (HB 3447). 2005 – Co-Authored the bill making it clear that law abiding Texans can carry handguns in their cars (HB 823).

2007 – Co-Authored the bill protecting the privacy of Concealed Handgun License holders (HB 991). 2009 – Joint-Authored the bill making it easier for law-abiding Texans to buy firearms from other states (HB 267).

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

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  1. Ray Myers Says:

    Grassroots Texans-- If you are anywhere near this
    meeting with Bryan Hughes in Argyle you should take the opportunity to meet Representative Hughes. It is my understanding that House Speaker Joe Straus was invited to his event-- but declined to come—-Does this behavior from Straus remind you of anyone??--Yes!!!! David Dewhurst--he also refused to meet his fellow Texans--Yes Straus is good enough to meet the Lobbist and Special Interest--but too good to meet you.Come and meet Bryan Hughes, our “TEXAS VALUES” CANDIDATE FOR SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE.

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