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Ken Sapp: An Austin Insider’s Best Friend

Capital of TexasThe State House run-off election in Tarrant county has caught the interest of many. It’s the last house race in a county that the Tea Party swept in nearly every contended race. District 91 is the last remaining state election in Tarrant County and the difference between Stephanie Klick and Ken Sapp couldn’t be clearer.
Stephanie Klick has served the Republican Party for many years, most recently as the GOP chairman. She is endorsed by conservative organizations like Texas Right to Life, Young Conservatives of Texas, and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. The Texas Home School Coalition and Texas Action also support Stephanie.
Now let’s look at who is supporting Ken Sapp.  

He’s received political donations from Byron Cook and Charlie Geren who are two of the biggest Austin insiders when it comes to State Representatives. Both of these individuals also have very moderate voting records in the house. Ken Sapp is using liberal consulting firm Murphy Turner for his campaign. Murphy Turner is notorious for attacking conservative leaders and have a slew of moderate candidates on their client list. Both of the State Representatives who are supporting Sapp are strong Joe Straus supporters and Murphy Turner consulted on Joe Straus’s re-election campaign, it’s clear where Ken Sapp’s allegiance lies.
The more you dig into his political contributions the more Ken Sapp reveals himself as the Austin insider. He received $5,000 from the Texas Medical Association PAC, an organization that opposed the pro-life sonogram bill passed last session. I counted over a dozen other PAC’s and associations who donated to Mr. Sapp’s campaign. It’s clear they feel he will be best for their interest’s but what about the conservative values of District 91?
It’s clear that Stephanie Klick will be the best choice for voters who care about their conservative values being represented instead of those of the Austin establishment. She has the public support of all the leading conservative organizations and will stand strong for her voters values.


Please join the movement, sign the petition, and Rise Up for Life.

Grab your Tea and Follow me! It’s a Peaceful Revolution!

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