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What Kathleen Kennedy Townsend doesn’t understand about JFK

Rick Santorum ~ Catholics: The People ~vs~ The Pundits

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In response to Kathleen Kennedy Townsends article where she wrote; What Rick Santorum doesn’t understand about JFK. 

America’s only Catholic president referred to God three times in his inaugural address. He invoked the Bible’s command to care for the poor and the sick. Later in his presidency, he said, unequivocally, about civil rights: “We are confronted primarily with a moral issue. It is as old as the Scriptures and is as clear as the American Constitution.”

Yet, last Sunday, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who is also Catholic, told ABC News that John F. Kennedy’s classic 1960 campaign speech in Houston about religious liberty was so offensive to people of faith that it made him want to vomit

Either Santorum doesn’t know his American history or he is purposefully rewriting it. How can he seriously imagine that Kennedy, a person who got down on his knees each night to pray, who gave his time and money to win tough primaries in states with strong anti-Catholic traditions, who challenged us to live our Christianity by ending racial hatred, somehow lacked the courage of faith or tried to exclude people of faith from government and politics?

What we all know about Rick Santorum is that you may not agree with him but he is going to tell you exactly what he believes. That is what is so refreshing about Rick Santorum. He is an honest broker. He is not about putting out propaganda to get your vote. He is about earning your vote by telling you exactly what he believes and respecting you enough to allow you to make your choice based on researching and educating yourself on the issues.

So what was Rick Santorum referring to in his remarks about JFK?

“To say that people of faith have no role in the public square? You bet that makes you throw up,” Santorum said. “What kind of country do we live [in] that says only people of non-faith can come into the public square and make their case?”

I would like to say……Kathleen Kennedy Townsend doesn’t understand about JFK.

Rick Santorum is not the only one who has questioned John F. Kennedy’s 1960 speech in Houston.

JFK’s Religion Speech ‘Sincere, Compelling, Articulate – and Wrong’ 

“Fifty years ago in Houston, John F. Kennedy declared in a famous speech to Protestant ministers that his Catholic faith would not influence the public policy decisions he made as President. But Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput told an audience at Houston Baptist University on Monday that Americans of all faiths are still “paying for the damage” from a speech that was “sincere, compelling, articulate – and wrong.”

“Real Christian faith is always personal, but it’s never private,” said Chaput. “And we need to think about that simple fact in light of an anniversary.”

If you are truly interested in being educated on Rick Santorum and the truth I urge you to listen to the video below and if you are short on time do not miss this important section starting at time stamp 14:30. Knowledge is Power! Listen and you decide.


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