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Join the Movement to #StopSCOPE ~ 10 Top Offensive Lessons

So what is up with this CSCOPE issue I keep hearing about? Listen and Learn

Top 10 CSCOPE Lessons that offends Texas Parents 

1.    Cscope, Islam, Women and Sex ~

Cscope High School World History

Religions Interact (4B Lesson 1)

Social Studies

Unit: 04B

Lesson: 01

The linkhttp://www.islamproject.org/education/Maps.htm leads to a website where students can choose from topics in the menu. Under the topic “Community Engagement”, this is what the choices include:

Click each to view PDF:

Module Guide 1: The American Muslim Experience
Module Guide 2: Islam: Beliefs and Practices
Module Guide 3: Muhammad’s Example in Action
Module Guide 4: Women and Islam

Under Women and Islam, here is an excerpt: (There is no mention of mistreatment of women other than the misinterpretation of the Qur’an as copied below.)

What challenges do the women featured in the clips face as Muslims and how do they meet those challenges? How do their challenges differ from the challenges faced by Muslim men? Do their challenges differ from women who are not Muslim? If so, how?

Thinking About Sexuality

What do the women portrayed in these film clips think Islam teaches about sexuality? How are their thoughts similar or dissimilar to your own ideas about sexuality?

For further discussion:

Harlina Halizah: “I don’t think it is fair to say that Islam restricts your sexual desire. . . .

It is more directing it toward a more purposeful kind of life.” What are your beliefs

about expressions of sexual desire and what factors shape those beliefs?

Some Muslim women have explained that covering one’s body is freeing because it prevents others from making them into sexual objects. Others have described such modesty requirements as restrictive and sexist because they are based on the assumption that women need to be obscured so as not to arouse male desire. What do you think Nadia Bazzy and her family believe about hijab? Note: The American Muslim Experience module contains more material on hijab, including comments from an American Muslim woman who has chosen not to wearhijab.

Thinking About Gender Relations

What do these Muslim women think Islam teaches about gender relations? How is this similar or dissimilar to your own ideas about appropriate gender relations?

For further discussion: Harlina Halizah asked for her husband’s permission to become a specialist in obstetrics. To Halizah, is this an example of subservience or partnership?

Harlina Halizah: “I don’t need to be liberated. I was born a free person.”

Do you agree? What would you define as the criteria for being “liberated”?

Zainah Anwar: “We found that it is not Islam that discriminates against women, it is not the verses in the Qur’an, it is the way that these verses have been interpreted by men, living in patriarchal societies who wish to maintain their dominance and their superiority and control over women.” How is what Anwar describes similar to the approach taken by feminists in other religions, such as Christianity and Judaism? Under Islam, Beliefs and Practices:

The purpose of this module is to review a sampling of the basic tenets of Islam, so you may want to ask people to note everything they learn about Islam as they view the films. Here is what they’ll hear in the module:

• The five central tenets of Islam are: declaring faith, giving to charity, fasting, pilgrimage to Mecca, and prayer. Muslims are called to help immigrants, feed the hungry, spread peace, and do devotional practice.

• Muslims believe that all people are connected to one another and responsible for one another.

• Women should put their family first, but that does not preclude them from working outside the home.

• Islam values cleanliness.

Which groups of non-Muslims, you might ask which, if any, of these concepts are new or surprising. With Muslims, you may want to ask if they thought the clips accurately reflected their understanding of their faith. For some people, providing basic information will be an appropriate and useful starting point.

Before viewing the films, it may help to familiarize people with terms included in the module: Definitions are available onwww.theislamproject.org.

 Exploring Cultural Differences

Wolfe summarizes Muhammad’s teachings, saying, “He tells them to be good to each other, and not to violate each other’s rights. For men and women to treat each other humanely. . .” These are universal values that most people living in the West would also proclaim. So when Ayatollah Hadavi and Imam Rahman talk about American ways or Western ideology as being counter to Islamic values, what do you think they mean? Which things in American culture may seem to be in conflict with Islamic principles? What are the things in American culture that might not differ much from Islamic principles?

Note: More information on this topic appears in the module Muhammad’s Example in Action.

Imam Mustafa Rahman’s chalets provide an intersection of cultures. Tourists who don’t follow an Islamic dress code cross paths with Muslim villagers. What allows for this peaceful co-existence? How does the Imam reconcile his business with his personal faith?

Part of Muslim faith is to reach out to the poor and to those who are not Muslim. Najah Bazzy takes a group of kids to work in a soup kitchen because she believes that charitable work and helping non-Muslims are core precepts of Islam. How might you reach out to help people beyond the confines of your own religious group or neighborhood?

The man who is studying to become a Catholic deacon and is reaching beyond the confines of his group to support the work of the soup kitchen admits that he once knew little about Islam and judged Islam by its most stereotypical or extreme representatives. What might you do to ensure that your community has access to accurate information about Islam? What might you do to involve Muslims in community and interfaith charitable projects?

 2.   Christianity is a Cult

CSCOPE World History Unit 3 Lesson 02

1. Jesus’ death and resurrection paralleled to the death and resurrection of Oairis and Mithraism.

The Nazarethans after Jesus


After the death of Jesus by the Roman authorities on the cross on a Friday, it was said he went to heaven to join his heavenly father on Sunday.  His death and resurrection paralleled the death and resurrection in the story of Osiris (ancient Egypt) and especially Mithraism, when the Persian god Mithra came to earth to atone for human sins, was executed, and rose from the dead.  Jesus’s disciples continued to spread his message, and in the process reinterpreted the laws of God from “eye for an eye” punishment for human sins to love and forgiveness of human sins by God through the sacrifice of his son Jesus.

2. Christians referred to as a cult-accused of incest, cannibalism (Eucharist), agape love-feast

Christianity and the Roman Empire


By Dr Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe

Last updated 2011-02-17

In the space of a few hundred years, a small, often brutally persecuted cult rose to become the dominant religion of the West. How did it happen?

Contemporary pagan and Christian sources preserve other accusations leveled against the Christians. These included charges of incest and cannibalism, probably resulting from garbled accounts of the rites which Christians celebrated in necessary secrecy, being theagape (the ‘love-feast’) and the Eucharist (partaking of the body and blood of Christ).


 3.   Communism

The following diagram is from a CSCOPE student handout. Note that the diagram indicates that one climbs the stairs upward to communism. 

Communitst stairs


For information about CSCOPE from Ginger Russell, see Red Hot Conservative. 











4.   Socialist/Communist Nation Flag 


CSCOPE Lesson: Following are the instruction from the CSCOPE activity directing students to design a socialist/communist flag.


Students are asked to draw a new Soviet Nation Flag, read excerpts from the Communist  Manifesto.




The students are also asked to read the quotes below from the socialist reformer Robert Owen who was known thinking that all religions were “based on the same absurd imagination” which he said made mankind “a weak, imbecile animal; a furious bigot and fanatic; or a miserable hypocrite.”





 5.   Christopher Columbus goes Green

One of the Cscope lessons takes the liberty of removing excerpts from Christopher Columbus’s journal entries where he admires God’s creation and beauty to use them in support of the environmentalist goals of the United Nations Agenda 21.

Below is the exact title to Christopher Columbus’ journal entries and one of the entries that Cscope reps have cherry picked words out of to support their environmental agenda for the purpose of indoctrinating Texas students. The highlighted areas are the cherry picked words removed as you will see below.


 Christopher Columbus


lesson with attachments.

Lesson with attachment
















6.   Paul Revere: Pot Peddling Patriot

Texas School Curriculum Cscope has gone to extremes in skewing America’s Heritage in the minds of students. A high School lesson portrayed Paul Revere as hiding drugs in his house.

America is no longer taught that it is Exceptional. 


Paul Revere









7.   The Boston Tea Party was a Terrorist Attack……

News report: New Act of Terror!
A local militia, believed to be a terrorist organization, attacked the
property of private citizens today at our nation’s busiest port. Although
no one was injured in the attack, a large quantity of merchandise,
considered to be valuable to its owners and loathsome to the
perpetrators, was destroyed. The terrorists, dressed in disguise and
apparently intoxicated, were able to escape into the night with the help
of local citizens who harbor these fugitives and conceal their identities
from the authorities. It is believed that the terrorist attack was a
response to the policies enacted by the occupying country’s
government. Even stronger policies are anticipated by the local citizens 

Here is the actual lesson….Terrorism.pdf






9.   TX Cscope students chart “PILGRIMAGE TO MECCA”



Texas Education Service Center Director Region 4, Dr.William McKinney serves on the Board of Directors of Fetullah Gulen’s International Science Fair organization 

I-Sweep Board of Directors 




10.Black Panthers protest for Equal Rights according to Texas Cscope Curriculum

 HS  Cscope  History Exam


Which of the following has been a benefit of globalization?

A pandemics

B increased standard of living (correct answer)

C loss of local culture

widespread environmental impacts

 Which of the groups used protest strategies unlike the other groups to
  achieve equal rights?

F   Black Panthers (Correct Answer)


Developers of CSCOPE have direct ties to Bill Ayers. Please watch the video and learn what his agenda is at the local level in our schools across America.

Then you decide have  Linda Darling Hammond and Bill Ayers been allowed into our conservative Texas district through CSCOPE with out anyone knowing it. My personal opinion~ YES! 


I was getting my hair cut the other day and was asked if I was going to take my youngest son out of Argyle ISD because they have  implemented   CSCOPE. I said heck NO I am going to head down to Austin and fight CSCOPE. My district was sold a bill of goods. Now the question is will you join me? 

Step 1 Join the Movement to #StopCSCOPE ~ Sign the Petition NOW –http://womenonthewall.org/cscope-petition

Step 2. #2 Start helping REP. STEVE TOTH with his very important bill HB 760 — The CSCOPE Transparency Act To Ensure Consistent Oversight of Public School Curriculum – Please read Rep. Toth’s HB 760 posted toward the bottom of this page and then look at the list of House members who are joint authors and/or co-authors. We must have literally hundreds of House members sign on to this bill in order to get it out of the House Public Education Committee and to the House floor for a vote. This will take all of us contacting our House members and insisting that they support HB 760. 

Recent articles on CSCOPE:

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1.3.13 — Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 of Colleen Vera’s investigative report, “What’s Behind the Curtain?”

Part 1 – http://educationviews.org/cscope-whats-behind-the-curtain-part-i/

Part 2 – http://educationviews.org/pt-2-cscope-whats-behind-the-curtain/

1.10.13 – Comment posted anonymously by Texas teacher —  

10.12.12 – “CSCOPE: Texas Teachers Given Gag Order” – Written by concerned Texas educators –

10.26.12 – List of CSCOPE Schools in Texas –

*Note:  Janice VanCleave regularly updates her CSCOPE website:www.TxCscopeReview.com

Women On The Wall Radio ~ WBTM Guest Lisa Benson

Women On the Wall will be taking on this issue and sharing information and updates on our weekly radio show on Monday mornings at 10 am CST. You will not want to miss this show. We will have up to date information on CSCOPE  and guests who are the experts on education and other issues that are effecting our children and grandchildren.

Dr. Hartzler loves teaching and seeing students excitement when they realize their potential but due to the controlled teaching that Cscope in his district demanded Dr. Hartzler quit his job from Luling ISD over the Christmas Holidays. He would love to go back to teaching but not with Cscope in place.

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

Alice Linahan

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    We must get this out to the parents ASAP. THE Superintendent of Schools at Carthage ISD,
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