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Joe Straus Straggler Update from the Agenda Wise Team

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With a week to go before elections we are once again looking at campaign finance reports. As was the case in the last reporting period Joe Straus has marked his stragglers with contributions from his Texas House Leadership Fund.

Sid Miller is the most recently revealed Straus straggler singled out by the Fund. In district Miller has been marred by his support of the Speaker and his liberal policies. For his militant and vocal support of the Speaker Miller received $17,500 leading up to the election.

Another zombie-like Straus supporter Ralph Sheffield was given a $13,000 poll this period. Sheffield despite admitting the Speaker punished conservative Republicans in 2011 is thrilled to support the embattled House leader.

Making the straggler list for second time is Barbara Nash. In her reelection bid Nash is fending off conservative challengers Matt Krause and Pat Carlson. Looking over Nash’s report reveals that Texans for Lawsuit Reform in a self defeating move is partnering with trial laywers, and the gambling lobby by giving to Nash. The aforementioned groups are directly opposed to controlling the size of government are tied to Joe Straus and Steve Mostyn.

The total given to candidates in the latest period was $75,000. The fund did collect a handful of contributions. Unchallenged Straus loyalists Dan Branch and Drew Darby directed campaign resources to the Fund.

Since putting spreadsheets on websites is “snazzy” here are the latest recipients of Joe Straus largesse.

Recipient Amount Date Challenger/s
Sid Miller $17,500 5/10/2012 J.D. Sheffield, Mike Jones
Doc Anderson $10,000 5/10/2012 Chris DeCluitt, Raymond Hixson
Marva Beck $10,000 4/20/2012 Trent Ashby
Paul Workman $10,000 5/10/2012 Ryan Downton
Ralph Sheffield $13,870 5/11/2012 John Alaniz
Barbara Nash $12,955 5/11/2012 Matt Krause, Pat Carlson


As we enter this important election year, our voices must unite in defense of pre-born American citizens who cannot defend themselves.

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