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Jackie Thomas~ Taking it Local in Argyle, Texas

Now it is time to take it local.
Voices Empower along with Alice Linahan strongly and proudly endorse Jackie Thomas for Argyle Town Council in the run off election which is tomorrow,  Saturday June 23.
Election Day Is This Saturday 7am – 7pm…
Your Last Chance To Make A Difference…We Win Or Lose On Saturday, Every Vote Matters…

The town of Argyle and Argyle ISD can not afford a senior tax freeze that is IRREVOCABLE under Texas Law!

Nor, can it afford a library and staff!
Over ten years of experience, serving the citizens of Argyle:

Argyle Town Council, 2009 – present

Argyle Planning & Zoning Commission
, member and chairperson

Argyle Crime Control & Prevention District
, member and chairperson

Argyle Zoning Board of Adjustment
, member






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