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Is This the Way the Gulenists Operate?

by Donna Garner and photos by Alice Linahan


Texas Harmony Science Centers Hurst, Texas

I am not an undercover investigator by any means; but from what I can piece together, I believe this may be the way the Turkish/Gulen/Cosmos Foundation/Harmony Schools circulate their funds in Texas (and in other states).  It goes something like this:  

(1)  First, the Gulen-Cosmos Foundation-Harmony Charter Schools get their per child/per year funding from the Texas Education Agency which dispenses the funds for all public schools including charter schools.  These are state taxpayers’ dollars, but Cosmos also receives federal grants ($300,000 in 2009) which are also taxpayers’ dollars.  

(2)  Next, the Cosmos Foundation pays a slew of Turkish-owned businesses for their services at inflated prices selling uniforms, after-school programs, computer technology, teacher training, janitorial services, food catering, etc. 

The New York Times on 6.6.11 published an article that cast doubt about the bidding practices of Cosmos – Charter Schools Tied to Turkey Grow in Texas

Top DOE official who supervised a major computer contractor used Turkish programmers

Also, please see the article from 5.4.11, New York Daily News, in which a top Department of Education official who supervised a major computer contractor used Turkish programmers working in Turkey and paid them wages that were inflated 600%.  These inflated wages were paid for with public dollars: 

One of these Texas Turkish-owned businesses is Atlas Texas Construction and Trading which is located in Houston.  It was the vice-president of Atlas who was accused of trying to bribe ($25,000) an employee of the Louisiana State Department of Education to keep quiet about the troubling conditions he had discovered at the Abramson Science and Technology Charter Schoolin Louisiana — operated by The Pelican Foundation.  The Pelican Foundation is tied to the Cosmos Foundation in Texas which is tied to Texas’ Harmony Charter Schools which are tied to Atlas Texas Construction and Trading. The Pelican Foundation is also under investigation forproblems at another of its schools, Kenilworth Science and Technology School in Baton Rouge. 

(3) Then these Gulenist businesses donate to Gulenist front groups such as the Turquoise Council, Gulen Institute, Raindrop Turkish House, and other Turkish entities.  

(4)  It is these Gulenist front groups who turn right around and use the funds given to them by the Gulenist businesses to pay for the Turkish “indoctrination” dinners for targeted, high-profile politicians, public figures, and journalists; the Turkish Olympiad; marketing and advertising costs to propagandize the public; the “free” trips to Turkey, etc. 



Harmony Science School in Carrollton, Texas

In essence, it is indeed our taxpayers’ dollars that end up paying to promote the Gulenist movement, including the elaborate “free” indoctrination trips to Turkey.  

It is similar to the principle of taking money out of one pocket to pay “Peter” which frees up money in the other pocket to pay “Paul.”   

The Gulen-Cosmos-Harmony Charter Schools spent almost $6 Million in three years for travel expenses for a student enrollment of only 11,281 students.  This is an unbelievably high amount of per-pupil spending.  Please see my 8.13.11 article at: 


Ant Travel and Tours — 203 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 1700, Chicago, Ill 60601; 877-268-8785 — The word “Ant” means “vow” or “oath” in Turkish.

Indiana Math and Science Academy (Gulen charter school)

Holy Dove Foundation (Gulenist religious organization; organizes trips to Turkey)

Niagara Foundation (major Gulenist organization in Chicago; Fethullah Gulen, honorary president)

International Dagestan-Turkish College (Gulen institution)

Krono Bilgisayar – Future Technology Associates — Turkish computer business

TDM Contracting — Turkish building construction company



FBI Investigating Gülen Charter Schools: Gülen Leaders Lavish Gifts And Dinners on Mitch Daniels and Other Indiana Officials 

By Doug Martin



With the FBI and the Departments of Labor and Education investigating them and parents and officials in OhioHawaiiArizonaUtah, Texas, and elsewhere questioning their financial dealings, it appears that Gülen charter schools—managed by Concept Schools and other companies—have been duping lawmakers, politicians, school boards, and parents for several years now, with accusations flying that the group is using U.S. taxpayer money to help fund theIslamist Hizmet organization in Turkey.
According to Charter School Scandals (one of the top charter school watchdog groups and a close follower of Gülen) there have been 155 Gülen charter schools established or attempted in 28 states in the U.S. and hundreds in other countries.
Gülen charter schools are founded by followers of Fethullah Gülen, a wealthy reformer who lives in exile in Pennsylvania after being kicked out of Turkey for attempting to establish an Islamic state. His group has allegedly infiltrated the Turkish police force, according to cables released by Wikileaks. The goals of the Gülen movement are murky, even to experts and U.S. government officials, who often disagree or change their opinions of the group.
Nonetheless, investigations of the Gülen charter schools are happening. As the PhiladelphiaInquirer and other sources note, the FBI investigations are being coordinated by prosecutors inScranton, Pennsylvania, and involve hundreds of Gülen charter school members nationwide. Suspicions center around the group supposedly using taxpayer money to bring teachers here from Turkey and other countries who are part of this religious group. These teachers then agree to ship back a percentage of their paychecks to the Gülen movement in Turkey.In Indiana, the Indiana Math and Science Academy’s (IMSA) two Gülen charters ((North and West) have applied for 17 visas for teachers and other individuals to come to Indianapolis and work.
 With 1,397 students enrolled in these schools since 2007, Indiana taxpayers have paid out millions. Managed by Concept Schools, the Indiana branch has received at least $235,000 from the Walton Family, owners of Wal-Mart and one of the biggest payers in the charter school movement. Gülen charters nationwide are loaded with private, state, and federal funding.
In 2008, Ball State University, which sponsors IMSA, withdrew the group’s request for a school in Gary after finding that the school had not hired teachers, enrolled students, or found an adequate building.

Although not currently operating in the Hoosier state, Vedat Akgun is one of the founders of the Gülen charter movement in Indiana. In 2001, Akgun petitioned for the Indiana Science Academy, and in 2002, along with current IMSA board member Kevin Miller, senior pastor at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Akgun founded the Indiana Life Sciences Academy.  Although applications were submitted, these schools did not, for some reason, make it to fruition.

Vedat Akgun is a former founder of another branch of Gülen schools, Horizon schools, which is run by Concept Schools in Ohio. Currently, he owns New Plan Learning (formerly known as Breeze, Inc.), a charter school supporting company some say is a for-profit outfit working with Concept Schools. In 2007, auditors found that Horizon was using taxpayer money to pay for visas and state-aid for property taxes, which is illegal in Ohio.
Another IMSA board member and co-founder, Bilal Eksili, directs the Indiana branch of the Niagara Foundation (the group operates in eight states) and Indiana’s Holy Dove Foundation, both peace and interfaith groups associated with the Gülen movement and almost indistinguishable in nature. Oddly, besides giving luncheons and trips to Turkey, sitting on charter school boards, and hiring unpaid interns to do the business work of organizing meetings with Indiana governmental officers, religious leaders, and professors, it doesn’t appear that the Holy Dove/Niagara Foundations do anything to promote diversity, love, peace, and friendship, as their mission statement suggests. Without even an advisory board listed online, it appears the two groups are one-man shows.
Eksili does utilize, however, one of the nationwide Gülen group’s strategies. To win support of governmental officials nationwide, Gülenists invite high-ranking state leaders to dinners to speak and then lavish the officials with awards.  Among those in Indiana who have been given awards by Eksili are Mitch DanielsBart Peterson (former Indianapolis mayor and now member of the charter school supporter, the Mind Trust),  Dan Burton, Richard Lugar, and even Michael Welch, Special Agent in Charge of the Indianapolis FBI division. Charter school supporter and Indiana Superintendent of Public Education Tony Bennett as well as other Republicans, are often in attendance at these events.
With Eksili as tour guide, most of the IMSA board members have traveled to Turkey to give support. Another Turkey tour guide and officer for the Holy Dove Foundation, Kazim Eldes, was also involved in IMSA’s founding and has served as Indiana Regional Vice-President of Concept Schools, IMSA’s management company.
IMSA board members include Tim Nation (leader of The Peace Learning Center in Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis, which uses Gülen-based curriculum, among other things, in their youth programs) who praises Fethullah Gülen in videos; Janette Moody, founder of Literacy for Life, Inc. and a consultant for the Indiana Department of Education; and Murat Dundar, a formerLos Alamos National Labs intern/science researcher and computer/information professor at IUPUI.
The Indianapolis FBI, when contacted by email, said it does not “disclose information on investigations.”  Also, Tony Bennett’s Chief of Staff (and former director of the charter-school group, School Choice Indiana) Heather Neal said she was unaware of any such investigation.
As it now stands, there is no proof that an investigation of Gülen charter schools is happening in Indiana. But if anything becomes of any investigation that may or may not be happening, it’s safe to say that the media will either downplay it or ignore it altogether.  With Daniels, Bennett, Republicans and state corporate leaders working overtime to drain more money from public education and feed it to the charter operators, the last thing they need now is to be associated with more shady dealings.

If anyone has information on the Gülen charter schools in Indiana, please post it at Indiana Government Exposed.

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