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Demand that Tea Party Nation Retract their Open Letter to Tea Party Members

Please see the open letter Tea Party Nation just e-mail to their large e-mail list!!  This is ridiculous.
I would like to ask Senator Santorum to publicly call Tea Party Nation to task on my behalf for trying to sway voters against voting for him. This is  cheap trick politics.  As a Texas Nationwide Tea Party Coalition Leader I am completely offended!! If you are as offended as I am please sign the petition linked below!! Game On!
This is like tactics the Gingrich campaign used in South Carolina  and I will not be silent and allow this to happen in Florida.
Please see this article to see what happened in South Carolina. Rick Santorum – “It’s the “forcefulness,” stupid!
Thank you!
Alice Linahan

An Open Letter to Rick Santorum Supporters in Florida

Rick Santorum supporters have a difficult but important choice to make in the next few days as the Florida primary comes up on Tuesday.
Rick Santorum has left Florida.  He knows he cannot win Florida.  Florida is the first of the Winner take all states.  In other words, Florida is crucial.
Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are running neck and neck in Florida. By all accounts this race is going to be very close.
The Santorum voters can make the difference.
The Republican establishment is working overtime to make Mitt Romney the nominee.  While those of us who support Newt and those who support Rick Santorum may disagree about who is the best candidate, we all agree Mitt Romney is not the candidate.  He is a liberal who probably cannot defeat Obama this fall and even if he does, will govern much as Obama did.
If Romney wins Florida, he will be ordained as the Republican nominee and both Gingrich and Santorum will have a very hard time stopping him.
If you are a Rick Santorum supporter, it is time to think strategically. If Romney wins, the race is over for Santorum.  If Newt wins, he may or may not be able to continue, but that that is a different story.
If you vote for Rick Santorum in the Florida primary, you are splitting the vote with Newt.  Splitting the vote with Newt will guarantee a Romney win.
That we all agree must not happen.
If you support Rick Santorum, use your vote to help stop Mitt Romney in Florida.  Whether you agree or disagree with Newt Gingrich, he is close enough to stop Romney with your help.
If you are a Floridian who supports Rick Santorum, I strongly urge you to vote for Newt Gingrich in the Florida Primary. If you know someone who lives in Florida, please urge them to vote for Newt Gingrich.
Let’s stop Romney and keep a liberal from becoming the Republican nominee.

Many Grassroots/ Tea Party members have taken a look at what is happening on the ground across the country and have chosen to take a stand, speak out and publicly endorse the True Consistent Conservative candidate.

Rick Santorum for President.

This is a petition for Tea Party/Grassroots for Rick Santorum . Join the movement! Sign now! Here is the proof!!

Rick Santorum Question and Answer Session with Tea Party Members at the Punta Gorda Tea Party Rally


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7 Responses to “Demand that Tea Party Nation Retract their Open Letter to Tea Party Members”

  1. Kim Says:

    What makes you think it was the Gingrich campaign? The only group I have seen doing that sort of thing is Romney’s camp.

  2. Kelly Carroll Says:

    What are you talking about! I support the Tea Party and, to me, Rick Santorum clearly is more closely aligned with Tea Party principles and does not have the detracting baggage that Newt does. May I be so bold as to suggest you re-evaluate and urge the Gringrich supporters to switch their support to Santorum. He will not compromise his principles but will best use compromise to advance Tea Party principles of smaler, leaner and smarter government at the Federal level.

  3. NoMoreKoolAid Says:

    Take a listen to this before you punish Rick Santorum Tea Party! This is absolutely the most important presentation since RONALD REAGAN ‘S famous “THE BIG TALK” in 1964…… see the dynamic modern presentation of “THE BIG TALK” by Rick Santorum, Presidential Candidate 2012.

  4. Debbie Gunnoe Says:

    Kim, Not Gingrich’s campaign but absolutely from one of his endorsers. I was a member of Tea Party Nation until they suspended me this evening. I took TPN’s founder to task for pulling the same Obama-esque tactics to get his endorsed candidate nominated. He didn’t like the truth about how disgusting his “open letter” is. It’s no secret he endorsed Gingrich and has turned the TPN social website into a campaign site for Gingrich. I quit following TPN discussions months ago because of their bias and marginalization of counter discussions. TPN’s founder saw where Santorum beat Gingrich last night and how Gingrich is falling in numbers. He based his letter on a lie, then requested Santorum supporters sell out to a candidate who is worse than Romney.

    The same type of candidate cannibalism for which everyone is disgusted with the establishment GOP. Double standard is alive and well in the conservative grassroots movement as well.

  5. Zilla Says:

    Supporting Rick Santorum did NOT “split the vote against Romney” in Iowa, Rick Santorum BEAT ROMNEY in Iowa, and he beat Newt in new Hampshire! I encourage Rick Santorum supporters to continue to support him for as long as he is in the race, all the way to the Oval Office. Rick doesn’t have the baggage that Newt and Mitt do and he (unlike the others) has not been attacking other candidates from the LEFT. Rick would be the best president out of the current field and he WON the debate the other night. He is going to do a lot better than the naysayers think he will and the longer he runs the more people will see that he truly is the best choice to get our country off her knees and back on her feet.
    TEA people need to not push groupthink on us, we are all grownups and able to make our own choices without any know-it-alls attempting to think for us, which is something the LEFT likes to do. Take you ‘for your own good because we know better than you’ mentality and SHOVE IT!

  6. Pam Farnsworth Says:

    Vett Tea Party Nation and its founder, Judson Phillips…see how much credence you give anything coming from that site. Perhaps he should have named it ‘Total Phillips Network.’


  7. Beatrice Wilson Says:

    This is free speech and not even at its worst. Folks, it is simply a time for Americans to vote their own heart. It is practically unconscionable for us to imagine that the TEA PARTY would sabotage a candidate like Santorum, who clearly is the social conservative leader of this bunch but the TEA PARTY is simply using their power, given them by anyone who thinks with the crowd rather than for themselves, to influence the outcome toward who they want to win.
    As an individual, I urge you to take a stand by doing just what you are doing, Alice and especially what Zilla has done here! FIGHT BACK!! Use this to expose what the TPN is doing, interfering with voter’s of THE social conservative rather than the one who they have crowned the winner, and tell the TP members why they should stick with Santorum!! THEY make him win! WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO DO THE SAME THINGS, VOTE IN THE SAME PEOPLE AND EXPECT DIFFERENT RESULTS. PERIOD!! Alice, I commend your open and strong support of Rick Santorum. YOU’RE ON FIRE, SISTER! Keep up the great and noble work.

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