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HonestTexans.com – liberal trick play?

More great work by Weston Hicks with AgendaWiseReports.com


A new group popped up a couple of months ago that may be very misleading.

It is called “Texans for Honest Leadership” and the contact for it according to LookUpBook business directory is a longtime liberal activist and press secretary Bob Mann.

The groups website is HonestTexans.com and appears conservative in almost every way. It blasts high property taxes, advocates against corporate handouts, calls attention to Medicaid fraud, calls out school district ethics violations, and more.

The front page video attacks higher property taxes and links them with corporate cronyism and special interest lobbying.

So far, so good.

The problem is, the listed contact for the website, Robert L. Mann, is a Democrat of Democrats. The Democrat Party is largely powered by unions and trial lawyers, the undisputed kings of the “special interests”. The Obama Administration has been a painful reminder of this, through bailouts and stimulus spending that benefitted special interests at the expense of everyone else.

According to OpenSecrets.org, Mann has only given money to Democrats, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and others.  His largest donation by far was $2,000 to Barack Obama in early 2007.

According to his resume, available online, Mann worked in the West Wing for the Carter Administration, serving on the Council on Wage and Price Controls. Price and wage controls were such a failure, and the Carter economy so abysmal, that no President since has used them.

Mann also served as Press Secretary for Ted Kennedy, the far left-wing Senator from Massachusetts.

Mann was a speechwriter for a trucking union called the American Trucking Association.

Mann’s resume shows almost twenty years of nearly unbroken service to the liberal wing of the Democrat Party, the party that never met a tax cut it didn’t oppose, a tax increase it didn’t like, or an industry it didn’t want to control with heavy regulation.

Now conservative Texans are being asked by HonestTexans.com, represented by, according to LookUpBook, a longtime liberal activist, to trust them in their quest to lower taxes and root out corruption.

The main goat in the video on HonestTexans.com is Texans for Lawsuit Reform. Their video ends with a dramatic shot of TLR and their large lobbying budget. Texans for Lawsuit Reform was formed to battle the out-of-control tort environment in Texas. They’ve been very successful, much to the help of the Texas economy and business owners both large and small.

Texas Trial Lawyers Association is virtually synonymous with the Texas Democratic Party and TLR’s sworn enemy. TLR’s prominent place in the video gives reason to suspect TTLA’s involvement in the website.

As we said Wednesday, liberals impersonating conservative organizations is an old trick. They gain conservative trust with websites like HonestTexans.com and use the influence they gain to sway close elections in favor of the Democrat. A third party opponent is often how they siphon enough votes to give the Democrat the win.

We’ve called Bob Mann for the past three days and he hasn’t answered our phone calls. As a result, we haven’t had the chance to get a confirmation or denial on his representation and/or ownership of the company and its website.

Here is the paper trail:

–Texans for Honest Leadership Website

–Business listing for Texans for Honest Leadership LLC, naming Robert L Mann as the contact

–Bob Mann’s resume

–OpenSecrets.com listing of political contributions (click “search all cycles” and enter the security code at the bottom)

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