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Hey Texas Parents It is Time to Seek the Truth and Protect our Children


If you were at the Argyle Community Meeting on CSCOPE last night are you most likely saying to yourself -What the heck is going on here? How did this kind of curriculum get into Texas schools?

I believe my good friends over at AgendaWise.com hit the nail on the head in their article 

Ruling class funtime (judges, and educrats, and ParentPACs, oh my!)

“The public education system in Texas, a system that is broken in one sense and high-performance in another. It is broken for the purposes of education, but it is lean, mean, and high performance as a political special interest juggernaut.”

One thing I know for sure is that my family is truly blessed to be in Argyle ISD. We have an administration who honestly cares for our children, their education and is trying hard to find solutions to the challenges our district faces. I believe that is how many districts are as well across our state. The challenge is they have been sold a bill of goods in CSCOPE.  Emotions were high last night but in the end we are a community that cares and will work together to find solutions that work for our children. What I worry about are the other districts who are not being as honest and forthright and whose kids will be the generation of CSCOPE kids who do not there is right and wrong answers and who will suffer the conscience

Read this and tell me what you think? Does it make sense to you?

By (Ms. Mac) Jeanine McGregor  

Seven Areas of Concern In Regard To CSCOPE:   


  • Philosophy of Social Constructivism Ideology of Progressive/Liberal/Radical Theories.Based on ideology of Marxism (Lev Vygotsky), Humanism (Linda Hammond), and Socialist Hardest on Minorities and the Poor; Control System versus Service 


  • The Implementation of  Intimidation, Fear, Guilt and  Covertness
  • Establishes a fear:   STAAR Test
  • Establishes guilt:  Accommodating children who move;  Failure is someone else’s fault
  • Disrespects, intimidates and isolates teachers
  • Contract /Disclosure Agreement/ULA

          Signed under duress    Threat of legal suit    Teacher contributions being confiscated

          2. Three-minute walk-through (Fenwick English)   Disturbs the classroom

          3. Threat of on-line monitoring of teacher activities/ public display of failing work

              Removes input and feedback from and influence of parents;  x/y generations

        Removed the importance of  textbooks      Removed the importance of  homework

        Trains administration how to minimize criticism &/disarm complaints

        Petitioned Attorney General to protect from exposure to competitors and public

        Parents can not access lessons-limited information through parent portal


  • The Cost, Financial Accountability, and Public Relations

               Vendor versus governmental agency?   Established a monopoly 

               Developed on taxpayer time and with taxpayer money- Taken over by TESCCC 

               Highly Questionable Relationship With (NER) National Educational Resources, Inc.

               No Contract, No Bids, Kick-backs


  • Quality and Substance of Materials

              Incomplete use/alignment of TEKS   Safety for children in question

              Indoctrination of students: Questionable internet sources, Leading questions on tests

              (Anti-American, Anti-Christian Slants), Inappropriate readability levels ,Grammatical &  Factual errors

              Buzz Words: Authenticity (Wiggins), Rigor, Culturally-Relevant, Deeper Understanding; 21st Century 

             Skills, Scaffolding, Personal Relevance; Concept-Basis (Erickson) vs. Topic; Inch-Deep/Mile Wide,

             Education  Equity; Collaboration, Big Picture, Reflective Teaching, Backward Design (McTighe),


  • Misrepresentation

                Parent Portal:  Actual material not available

                Philosophy/Ideology/Differences in Methodology: Not openly explained/revealed to public

                Connection to Common Core Standards:  Edugate/Hammond

                Confusion:  curriculum?  curriculum–management? auxiliary product? living curriculum?

                Plagiarism: Teachers report seeing lessons elsewhere; material not sourced or referenced

                Sources Of Lessons Not Revealed: Experts?  Authors?  Editors? References? Credentials?

               Terminology (Just New Paint):  YAG (Year At A Glance),VAD (Vertical Alignment Document),

                IFD (Instructional Focus Document), 5E -John Dewey- (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate), 


  • Inefficiency

                 Results: Bad before good-   70 is the new 100!   

                 Teachers’ Time and Energy: overwhelmingly taxed

                 Mind-Control: All across Texas on the same lesson, Failing students ?  Non-CSCOPE students?

                 Title I and NCLB:  Principles of parental involvement undermined

                     Access To Instructional Focus Document:  last minute -six weeks at a time only

                     Polarizing:  Administration/Teachers;  X/Y Generations;  Progressive/Conservative;

                     Humanism/Christianity, Government/Private Enterprise


  • Hurting Students 

                Withdrawal from schools; crying, stress; drastic change in grades; demonized

                Repeated tests finally given answers to tests (Teaches delayed effort/cheating OK)


I am still working on the video from last night. I will get it out ASAP. I know that many are waiting to see it who were not able be be there. 

This issue with CSOPE looks like is going to get much bigger in the weeks and months to come and I can tell you this is much bigger than Argyle and it is very good that you are aware of the issue and talking about what all the options are moving forward. 
What to expect: 
Lawsuits ???? 
Huge battles in the 83rd legislative session and good people getting caught in the mess of it all. 
Who will suffer the most- Texas Children. That is very sad. 
Please pray~ 

Step 1 Join the Movement to #StopCSCOPE ~ Sign the Petition NOW –http://womenonthewall.org/cscope-petition

Step 2. #2 Start helping REP. STEVE TOTH with his very important bill HB 760 — The CSCOPE Transparency Act To Ensure Consistent Oversight of Public School Curriculum – Please read Rep. Toth’s HB 760 posted toward the bottom of this page and then look at the list of House members who are joint authors and/or co-authors. We must have literally hundreds of House members sign on to this bill in order to get it out of the House Public Education Committee and to the House floor for a vote. This will take all of us contacting our House members and insisting that they support HB 760. 

Recent articles on CSCOPE:

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1.3.13 — Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 of Colleen Vera’s investigative report, “What’s Behind the Curtain?”

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*Note:  Janice VanCleave regularly updates her CSCOPE website:www.TxCscopeReview.com

Women On The Wall Radio ~ WBTM Guest Lisa Benson

Women On the Wall will be taking on this issue and sharing information and updates on our weekly radio show on Monday mornings at 10 am CST. You will not want to miss this show. We will have up to date information on CSCOPE  and guests who are the experts on education and other issues that are effecting our children and grandchildren.

Dr. Hartzler loves teaching and seeing students excitement when they realize their potential but due to the controlled teaching that Cscope in his district demanded Dr. Hartzler quit his job from Luling ISD over the Christmas Holidays. He would love to go back to teaching but not with Cscope in place.

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

Alice Linahan

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