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Grassroots Volunteers need your support!

Voices Empower has been working hard on the ground to train everyday Americans how to organize and drive the narrative at the local, state and national level  empowering the people to elect civil servants instead of what we currently have; the political establishment. 

Alice Linahan is one of the volunteer Texas grassroots organizers for the Santorum Campaign and because South Carolina is a key state in the Presidential primary Alice and others are heading to help the ground troops in South Carolina.

Over the next 2 days all online contributions to Voices Empower will go directly to cover the travel costs of the Texas grassroots volunteers.

If you appreciate the work that Voices Empower does and the amazing work of so many that volunteer their time and treasure to take back our country please take a moment and support the efforts of these grassroots activists.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Whether it is $5, $50, $500, $1000 or $5,000 dollars every cent makes a difference. 


Voices Empower is a For Profit organization therefore your donation is not tax deductible.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Grab your Tea and Follow me! It’s a Peaceful Revolution! Join The Fight! Be A Part Of The Solution!


Voices Empower

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  Please attribute to Alice Linahan  with Voices Empower 

I would appreciate  the opportunity to stand side by side with you in the battles ahead!

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