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I Have Hope…..Grassroots America – We The People

Call for Conservative Information “Pushers”

It is time to Blog and then AGGREGATE and DISSEMINATE!!

I have hope  because of  Patriots like you jumping in the battle and fighting.

Thank you so much for all who were there in Tyler, Texas for the http://www.gawtp.com/ weekly meeting. 

I spoke with JoAnn and as soon as we get a date and location to hold the 4 hr hands on workshop I will be posting. Beginners welcome!!

Social Media Grassroots Bootcamp. 

When I spoke I give this analogy…..

The left are like drug dealers….
They have the politicians and the media creating the content and the propaganda…..
Then they have the Acorn like organizations providing the pushers…….
And the “Pushers” are taking it out into our communities at the local level. 
What are Conservatives doing?
Working and taking care of our families, we are not even allowed to be on social media sites at work and then we are told we cannot talk about politics and religion. 
We it is a new day now and it is time for some “Front Porch Politics
on the Internet!

Here are the sites I mentioned in my talk today in Tyler, Texas with the Grassroots America- We The People. 








It is a new day dawning and now  truth and information comes out by flipping the funnel at the local level and making a difference in our own communities. 

Knowledge is Power~ Click and share with your friends!

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