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Gov. Perry we are “Fed Up”, Now “Stand With Us”

VOICES TO ACTION: Now is the time to make the difference. Call Governor Perry NOW!

We are FED UP Perry!

Governor Perry we are FED UP, Now "Stand With US"

Tell Gov. Perry “STAND WITH US!”  


Citizen’s Opinion Hotline [for Texas callers] :
(800) 252-9600 or (512) 463-1782  (there was a long hold this morning as many of you are already expressing displeasure with this.)

Office of the Governor Main Switchboard [office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST] :  (512) 463-2000

FAX:   Office of the Governor Fax:  (512) 463-1849

Talking points…Reasons CSHB600 (Plan E120) needs to be vetoed:

1. Of all plans seriously considered, this is the WORSE with respect to the principle of “one man one vote”.  It has very large (and likely unConstitutional) disparities in the population sizes of the various SBOE districts…far above what theDepartment of Justice (DOJ) has struck down in the past.

2. Texas Senators failed to honor a “deal” struck two weeks ago in the House. The supposed deal was that the SBOE would prepare a plan (which they did over 2 weeks ago, plan E118), that the Senate would pass and the House would accept.  Liberal GOP Senator Kel Seliger ignored this, and instead, rammed through a plan at the last minute that had been kept secret from interested parties.

3.  To add insult, just before press it has been discovered that the rogue E120 was finalized Tuesday morning, a full day before the committee meeting, but was intentionally hidden from public view! This is in clear contrast to Legislative Council instructions that clearly state:

“Under federal regulations for the administration of the voting rights act of 1965, the state seeking preclearance of a redistricting plan from the U.S. Department of Justice is required to submit to the department materials that document the legislature’s consideration of public sentiment in its redistricting decisions and show that recognized racial and language minority groups had a reasonable opportunity to participate in the process.”

There was no such consideration.

4.  Politically speaking, this plan is stupid for the Texas GOP, as it has been crafted to redistrict out one of the only Hispanics elected to statewide office in 2010–Charlie Garza–who won fair and square in an overwhelmingly Hispanic and traditionally Democratic leaning district.

5.  Most solid conservatives in the House, in spite of serious political pressure, voted against this terrible plan.

6.  In his book “Fed Up!”, Governor Perry himself decries the blunt-instrument use of screaming “Voting Rights Act” (the redistricting equivalent to playing the race card), to justify various political and racial gerrymanders.

“I see a nation where people are not judged by the color of their skin – as they are today behind the façade of ending discrimination. I see a world where race-based thinking is relegated to the bigot in the corner and not embraced by our nation’s laws in the form of affirmative action [or] flawed incarnations of the Voting Rights Act…”

In short, Gov. Perry has an opportunity to act on his convictions above and to help remedy what one political insider described it as the “worse thing I’ve ever seen happen in my political career.”


The Math standards are in the pipeline. We need those who believe in back-to-the-basics instead of “fuzzy” to be in charge of these standards.

 Also, there is no law that says the SBOE members cannot open up the ELAR, Science, and Social Studies standards and change them.  The left-leaning element would just love to take out all the patriotic, Constitutional, pro-American parts of the Social Studies TEKS.

 Health standards are also coming up soon. Can you imagine what the left-leaning SBOE members if back in control of the SBOE would do to the abstinence part of the Health TEKS?  We would have contraceptive studies in every classroom. Also, if left-leaning SBOE members tied to Texas Freedom Network are able to gain control of the Board, then the whole agenda of TFN would penetrate our schools. Below I have posted an article that contains TFN’s agenda.  

 Also, the conservatives on the SBOE have protected the huge pot of gold — the Permanent School Fund.  By law the PSF is supposed to be spent on children’s textbooks forever. If the legislature is allowed to tap into the corpus (assets) of the PSF, the SBOE will lose their our ability to manage the fund in such a way as to make sure it grows and is able to keep paying for children’s textbooks.

 If left-leaners were in control of the SBOE, they would beg the Obama administration to put Texas under the Common Core Standards/Race to the Top which is the takeover of the public schools by the feds.  We would have national standards, national curriculum, national assessments, and a national database.  Teachers’ evaluations/rehiring/incentives would be tied to how their students do on those national assessments. That would force every teacher to “teach to the national assessments.”  The Common Core Standards have one main purpose in mind — to force school children to accept the social justice agenda. This goal will be worked into the national curriculum and national assessment questions.

 TFN already “owns” a number of the present SBOE members; if we lost even a couple more conservatives on the Board, TFN and its agenda would completely take over all the decisions that impact every public school classroom in Texas.  Here are links to various articles that Donna Garner  has written on the subject:





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