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Got an E-mail today from David Carney/David Dewhurst Campaign and it inspired this post.

Political consultant Dave Carney in November 2010.

Photo Courtesy of the Texas Tribune

Okay I just got an e-mail from David Carney (Governor Perry’s former head haunch-O) You can read about him, he is what some describe as Rick Perry’s Karl Rove.   Since I am not a big fan of Karl Rove that is not a very impressive analogy. When I saw the name in my inbox I thought this is going to be interesting, and well, it was.

Looks like Mr. Carney was needing a new job and so he has signed on with the David Dewhurst team. Man does David Carney know how to pick em’. Another candidate that the pundits and political elite tell us is the inevitable candidate because they have all the money in the world and a ground game to win.

I have to say I think David Carney was right on target when he developed the grassroots strategy for the Perry Campaign. Carney understood that it is the grassroots and actual voters who win elections.

The challenge for David Dewhurst and David Carney is that we are in transformational times and the average voter is more educated on the issues than ever before. We don’t believe the propaganda pushed out by their campaigns. Like the challenge Carney faced with  Gov. Perry unless you can back up the propaganda with a truly consistent Conservative, Texans are not going to buy what you  are peddling.

Here is what David Carney a man who has been described as “a ruthless political consultant,” wrote.

1)      Since stepping down as a government lawyer nearly four years ago, Ted Cruz has become a high-ranking owner and partner with Morgan Lewis & Bockius, a law firm with a long record of contributing overwhelmingly to Democrats.

2)      One of Morgan Lewis’highest profile clients whom the feature on the firm’s web site, is none other than renowned liberal sugar daddy George Soros, a billionaire hedge fund manager Cruz’s law firm represents.

3)      According to the Dallas Morning News, Soros is personally responsible for spending $24 million dollars to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004. And Ted’s own lawn firm has thrown hundreds of thousands of dollars to President Barack Obama’s campaign. These are Ted’s bankrollers and colleagues.

Ted Cruz is a Hypocrite:

When government bureaucrat and trial lawyer Ted Cruz is not co-opting Attorney General Greg Abbott’s conservative record as his own, he is railing against Agenda 21.”

Here is a statement from the Cruz Campaign that I received after questioning them on the law firm Ted Cruz works for.

Let me get this straight? David Dewhurst, who looks in the mirror and sees an ‘unapologetic’ conservative — despite his own record of increasing state spending and proposing a new ‘wage tax’ — thinks that Texas conservatives will disregard Ted’s conservative record because some of the nearly 3000 people who work at the same law firm he does are Democrats and some of the thousands of clients of that firm are liberal?  Dewhurst is desperate to hide from his own tax-and-spend record.  This is yet another silly attack from the Dewhurst campaign, which shows just how scared Dewhurst is that conservatives and grassroots activists are overwhelmingly uniting behind Ted Cruz.  Voters are rightly focused on the record of each candidate:  Ted’s record as a strong conservative fighter is undeniable, as is Dewhurst’s record as an Establishment moderate.  

First of all had Dewhurst showed up at the many town-hall meetings and forums that he was invited to he would know that Ted Cruz has no challenge showing up and answering the questions of the voters. That is how he has earned their vote and their loyalty and the polls show it. I have a feeling that is why Dewhurst hired Carey and is going  negative and hard, but the people know Cruz and we know Dewhurst. Cruz has earned our support, Dewhurst has earned a pink slip.

1. David Dewhurst is a no show when grassroots organization try to have him out to answer questions about his record.

Why is that? Is it that he does not have a Conservative record to run on. It truly is a shame that the Cruz campaign has been give the opportunity to  drive that narrative with videos like the one below and be right on target. .

David Dewhurst – Does He Have the Guts to Show?

2. It looks as though Dewhurst has another issue:  Dewhurst using Enron math on school finance issue

Here are a few key excerpts from the article.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, a successful Houston businessman, prides himself on his fluency with numbers. When it comes to Texas public schools, however, Dewhurst mangles the one question that should come effortlessly to a good CEO: What’s the bottom line?

In Houston recently to campaign for the U.S. Senate, Dewhurst claimed the state of Texas this year appropriated more money for public education than ever before in its history. It’s technically true, in the way that Enron was technically a viable company. So here’s the real bottom line, summing up the entire financial picture: Texas public schools now have less money than ever to educate our school­children. Saying otherwise is just “balderdash,” says Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston. 

Speaking to the Houston Republican Jewish Coalitionlast week, Dewhurst assured his audience that our schools were flush with cash. “We appropriated more money for public education than we have ever appropriated in the state of Texas,” he asserted. People complaining about public school funding “have a problem with math. The facts are the facts.”

But, as any Houstonian can tell you, there’s math, and then there’s Enron Math. Here, Dewhurst is engaging in Enron Math, spotlighting one number from the state appropriations bill that doesn’t tell the whole story – just as Enron looked profitable if you didn’t know about those pesky off-balance-sheet losses.”

Be sure and read the rest of the referenced article above. It is a good one. Dewhurst using Enron math on school finance issue

3.  How Conservative is David Dewhurst? The record shows….. Moderate!

“Dewhurst frequently used his powers of agenda control to help pass legislation opposed by the most conservative members of the Republican delegation. In addition, the best estimate of Dewhurst’s location along the liberal-conservative continuum which dominates voting in the Texas Senate suggests he is significantly less conservative than approximately one-third of the Republican delegation. 

The lieutenant governor exercises considerable control over the legislative process in the Texas Senate. Among other things, he names all committee and subcommittee chairs and members, decides to which committees bills are assigned, and through his appointed committee chairs and members indirectly determines which bills make it to the floor for a final passage vote. In addition, unlike the speaker of the House, the lieutenant governor is directly elected by voters, and therefore enjoys a greater level of autonomy than his counterpart on the other side of the Capitol.

By using his power of negative agenda control, the lieutenant governor is able to prevent bills he opposes from being finally approved. Through his power of positive agenda control, he is potentially able to engender the crafting of legislation he prefers in such a way that it will receive majority support in a final vote. Given these powers (particularly negative agenda control), we should rarely see legislation opposed by the lieutenant governor winning final approval. As a result, one can reasonably infer that those senators with the highest win rates during the 2011 legislative session are ideologically most proximate to the lieutenant governor.”

Photo Courtesy of KERA news.org

So as for me and my family we will continue to support Ted Cruz, Mr. Carey. Thank you for your e-mail today it actually inspired me to inform my friends and neighbors who are everyday voters exactly what I know about David Dewhurst.

My question to you is do you trust a man who effectivly stopped good Conservative legislation such as the TSA bill and the Sanctuary Cities legislation and a man who was a part of creating the 2013 planned budget shortfall. Be sure and read Texas Budget Boondoggle and The Texas Budget Boondoggle Part 2.

On The Rainy-Day Fund

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear what Grassroots and Tea Party people think about the job David Dewhurst and the Texas Leadership have done. Watch this video and get the real story on the Texas Budget.
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2 Responses to “Got an E-mail today from David Carney/David Dewhurst Campaign and it inspired this post.”

  1. Dewhurst Paid Hack Smears Cruz, Falls Flat Says:

    […] Related: Got an E-mail today from David Carney/David Dewhurst Campaign and it inspired this post. | Voices Empower […]

  2. Bobbos Says:

    I have not known much about either candidate up until now. I must say though that David Dewhust’s media campaign has influenced and swayed my vote.

    As I have watch this race from the sidelines and endured all of his slashing commercials, it has occurred to me that, to date, I have not seen a SINGLE ad or other piece of campaign material from Mr. Dewhurst telling me why I should vote for him. I have ONLY seen a bunch of sketchy commercials attacking his component.

    If a man can’t run for office on his own merits, then I won’t vote for him. So far, I know NOTHING of Mr. Dewhurst’s merits, only what e’s putting out there to demonize his opponent.

    Now…couple a lack of ANY indication of why I SHOULD vote for him with the debate I watched last night where he stammered his way through his answers while Mr. Cruz stayed on task (while slicing and dicing Mr. Dewhurst), and my decision is clear.

    Mr. Cruz gets my vote.

    Sorry Mr. Dewhurst. Perhaps if you gave me even a small reason that I should consider you able to handle the job, I might consider you. This obviously is NOT part of your agenda or strategy.

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