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FWST Covers Joe Straus Lies

FWST covers Joe Straus lies

Agenda Wise Reports uncovers the lies once again don’t miss it. 

Aman Batheja of the Fort Worth Star Telegram has done Texas voters a service by covering the lies that Joe Straus is telling Texans as he travels the state in anticipation of primary challenges to his liberal lieutenants.

Yesterday Straus told a group of Republicans in Richland Hills that he killed an anti-groping measure this session because it did not contain language from the Attorney General. The bill did contain the AG’s language but still died under Joe Struas’ watch.

Weston Hicks captured the details of David Simpson’s anti-groping bill while they were happening along with Joe Straus’ open opposition to the measure, stalling tactics and eventual dithering. The media did a poor job of keeping Texans informed about the tactics used to kill this important bill.

The TSA issue aside, it is offensive that Straus is openly lying to Texans about what went on in Austin during the 2011 legislative session. Texans deserve transparent and honest dealings with their elected officials.

We give Batheja a pass for not correcting Straus in his article because he at least alerted Texans to the lie.

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