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Freedom of Information Request – Texas Pledge Card System

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Here is a call to action for Texans interested in knowing the truth and holding our elected officials accountable.

You as a Citizen of Texas have a right to know if your State Representative has given a pledge to support the current Speaker of the House Joe Straus two years in advance of the 2013 83rd legislative session.  This information will be key as we prepare for the March primary’s in Texas.

In Temple, Texas this issue is already making a difference.

State Rep. Ralph Sheffield criticized for supportg Texas House Speaker Joe Straus

As the proverbial dust settles from the hubbub of the 82nd Legislature, offseason politics begins as those unhappy with elected politicians voice their concerns, perhaps more audible now than when state lawmakers were in session.

John Alaniz of Temple announced he’s considering a run for the District 55 seat, currently held by Ralph Sheffield, because Alaniz is upset with what he calls Sheffield’s lack of principle.

As a reminder of why many Conservatives have questions for those Texas State Representatives who would again take a pledge to the current Speaker of the House.

Freedom of Information Laws in Texas: An Overview by Paul Watler 

Below is important information on the process of a Freedom of Information Request. FOIFT.org

Sample Letters: Sample TEXAS PUBLIC INFORMATION ACT Request Letter

Your Name

Return Address

Tele. No. (business hours)


<Name of government agency>

<Address of government agency>

Dear Officer for Public Records:

        This request is made under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552, Texas Government Code, which guarantees the public’s access to information in the custody of governmental agencies.  I respectfully request <copies of, access to> the following information:

        <List here as specifically as possible the information you are seeking: documents, letters, memoranda, reports etc. If you know the dates, report numbers, titles or even the specific governmental subdivision that produced the information, list it.>

        <Optional, when time is a factor.> In the interest of expediency, and to minimize the research and/or duplication burden on your staff, I would be pleased to personally examine the relevant records if you would grant me immediate access to the requested material.   Additionally, and since time is a factor, please communicate with me by telephone rather than by mail.  My telephone number is: <insert telephone number.>

<If applicable add.> Disclosure of this information is in the public interest because providing a copy of the information primarily benefits the general public.  I therefore request a waiver of all fees and charges pursuant to Section 552.267 of the act.

        I shall look forward to hearing from you promptly, as specified in the law. Thank you for your cooperation.




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