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Free Economies Make For Happier, More Prosperous Citizens

Another great post by Joseph Lindsley from the Foster Friess Team. Don’t miss their Campfire Blog

‘If you care about improving people’s lives, you care about economic freedom.’

The United States used to be one of the most economically free countries but during the past years, as government has expanded and as regulations have strangled free enterprise, its ranking has fallen. Will American quality of life decline as a result? Watch this concise, well-produced video from the Charles Koch Foundation to learn more about the correlation between economic freedom and quality of life (length:  2:27).

And if you have a couple more minutes to spare, watch this old video of the late economist Milton Friedman addressing TV talk show host Phil Donahue’s concerns about economic freedom (length:  2:30). In his affable style, Friedman tears Donahue apart, asking him where he is going to find “those angels” who will organize Donahue’s ideal society.

Joseph Lindsley, Jr.

Joe writes for FosterFriess.com and the Campfire Blog. He graduated in 2005 from the University of Notre Dame, where he  studied the “Great Books” and Philosophy, Politics, & Economics. Starting off as a sports writer for Notre Dame’s daily paper, he later founded the school’s Irish Rover newspaper. He has previously worked at the Weekly Standard magazine in Washington, D.C.; as editor-in-chief of two weekly newspapers in the Northeast; and as executive director of the Collegiate Network, which promotes independent journalism on college campuses throughout the United States. A native of Toledo, Ohio, he grew up in Charlotte, N.C.

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