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Foster Friess’ Campfire Blog ~ Usain Bolt: The Good Stuff in Life

One of the reasons I love going to Foster Friess’ Campfire Blog is because Joe Lindsey always catches the good stuff to blog about.

Case in Point~ Yesterday’s post

Usain Bolt: Class Act

“Jamaican cuts off reporter so he can stand at attention for American national anthem

Some call Usain Bolt a punk when he celebrates his victories in the face of those he’s vanquished. But he’s the fastest man alive. That’s not a position for the humble.

Yet the Jamaican Olympian proved the other day he’s pure class:  Midway through an on-track interview, Bolt cut off the reporter, pointing to the podium. The U.S. national anthem was playing, and Bolt, the Jamaican who prides himself on beating Americans, stopped talking and stood at attention. The reporter followed suit, turning herself to the podium.

And then Bolt finished his interview.”

The fastest man in the world knows when to slow down and pay a little respect.

The power of social media truly is amazing. When the MSMedia won’t cover a great story like this we can.

Yesterday posted on Foster’s Facebook wall was the following.

Foster Friess“So Usain Bolt cut off a reporter so he could stand at attention for America’s national anthem… how awesome is that?!”
“The fastest man in the world knows when to slow down and pay a little respect.” — with Foster Friess.

Which in turn reminded me to go check out Foster’s Campfire Blog.

Click photo to hear the Usain Bolt interview~

Now my day has started out right. I am inspired once again and have hope for America.

Thank you  Joe Lindsley and Foster Friess for making my day and spreading a great story.

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!  


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