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“Fixing Healthcare”

by Donna Garner ~8.14.09 (Republished on 3.20.12) 

My husband and I wrote this back on 8.14.09, but it still makes sense today. In fact, as ObamaCare looms even closer to being implemented, our suggestions deserve even more consideration.

Bottomline: We absolutely must throw Obama out of the White House and throw his ObamaCare right after him.  The best person to oust him is Santorum because voters feel a “fire in the belly” to support him.  They believe in him and in his integrity. It is this “fire in the belly” that will win the day in November 2012.  If voters feel they have had to settle for less (Romney), they may not be inspired to go the extra mile to get him elected.  Santorum will inspire voters to give their ultimate energies to get him elected. We can do it.  We can send Obama back to Chicago.

“How To Fix Healthcare”

by Wayne and Donna Garner

8.14.09 (Republished on 3.20.12)

Photo Courtesy of hanneorla via Flickr

1.  The real answer is to secure our borders so that all of us who pay insurance are not paying for the illegal immigrants who use emergency rooms as their healthcare provider.

One suggestion that someone made is to go ahead and take care of the healthcare emergencies of illegal immigrants in ER’s but to charge their countries of origin for the care.  If the countries do not pay, the U. S. should deduct the amount from the foreign aid that we normally give them.

2.  We need to put a cap on litigation claims. Doctors over-prescribe expensive tests because they are so afraid of being sued.

3. We could also introduce health insurance plans where people get some of their premiums back at the end of the year if they have not spent all of their allotment.  This would help people to be personally responsible for their health and would give them an incentive to practice preventive care.

4.  Encouraging the private healthcare system to install electronic medical records (EMR’s) when doctors and hospitals wish to initiate them would help to streamline the efficiency of patients’ care.  EMR’s when implemented correctly remind patients and doctors when return visits are needed, track patients’ medical tests and results, and save healthcare practitioners time and money.  However, these EMR’s should not be shared with Big Government but should remain in the hands of private healthcare providers who follow strict privacy measures.

5. Of course, then there is the obvious: Educate our country as to the dangerous and long-term health effects of sexual activity outside the confines of a monogamous marriage. Our country pays huge amounts to give unmarried and uninsured women healthcare for their pregnancies, abortions, and premature babies.

6.  We also need to expose the “gay” agenda by revealing how truly dangerous (and very expensive) homosexual activities and their medical treatments really are. Anal cancers, HIV/AIDS drugs, STD treatments and drugs, and other medical conditions that are not even talked about in polite company are costing our country millions and millions of dollars.

7.  Our country’s healthcare problems could be resolved right now by putting patients and doctors in charge of health care decisions and by having the tax code reflect fairness in the way it treats the purchase of healthcare.

8.  Of the 46 million Americans who are supposedly uninsured, we need to remember that 14 million of them are eligible for various existing government programs but have chosen not to sign up for them. As Kerby Anderson of Point of View said, “…Another 17 million of them are earning over $50,000 a year but do not buy insurance because they feel it is too expensive…Since 64 percent of Americans get their insurance through their employer and insurance is not portable, many of the people who are counted as uninsured are merely between jobs. They are counted as uninsured even if that is a short period of time…This leaves about 8 million uninsured that need some assistance. Medical personnel and policy experts have positive suggestions about what to do to help these 8 million.”

9.  We must not have a public option because private insurance companies could not compete with the taxpayer-enriched Big Government plan.  The “playing field” would not be level at all and would give the Government an unfair advantage that private healthcare companies could never overcome.  People would quickly change to Big Government’s plan, and very soon private healthcare companies would go belly up.  At that point, Americans would be held captive to rationed care where the elderly would be considered to be financially expendable and where social engineering would determine who, where, and if a person gets healthcare. We definitely do not want women to be given abortions on demand — paid for with our tax dollars!

10.  In situations where billing, treatment, and/or medical errors are made, it would be almost impossible for a patient to deal with Big Government’s layers of bureaucracy. An ill person does not need more stress when he is fighting for his life. What he needs is individual and compassionate healthcare from the doctor of his choice.

11.  Our country does not have enough healthcare professionals to take care of every American under the public option.  Many people would run to the doctor with every little complaint because of wrongly thinking that Big Government will take care of the cost. Eventually the large number of patients would overcome the healthcare system and would lower the quality of care for everyone.

12.  We do have a healthcare problem in our country; but our healthcare system is still the envy of the world, attracting millions of people from all over the world — particularly from those countries that have nationalized healthcare.

13.  Putting the federal government in charge of solving the healthcare problems that exist is not the answer. In fact, this is exactly the wrong direction to go because people in the public option would be less personally responsible because they would think Big Government is going to take care of them no matter what.

14.  The federal bureaucracy of Big Government cannot be trusted because its “track record” is dismal. Cases in point: the financial mismanagement of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Children’s Health Insurance , U. S. Post Office, and on and on.

15.  We recommend a plan where doctors in each county donate their time once a month to help the indigent gain medical treatment.  Pharmaceutical companies have already begun to donate various medicines to the indigent, and this should continue at an even greater pace.


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